Grand Jury Indicts Owner of Staunton, VA Porn Store

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“Grand jury indicts owner of Staunton porn store”
By Brad Zinn, – November 2, 2007

The Staunton grand jury indicted a Manassas man and his company Thursday on 16 felony obscenity charges concerning adult videos that were sold in October at After Hours Video, according to Staunton Prosecutor Raymond C. Robertson.

The six-person grand jury spent Thursday morning viewing parts of 12 videos bought at the Springhill Road video store from Oct. 15 to Oct. 18. It was the second time the grand jury convened within the last month.

In four multi-count indictments, Rick E. Krial, 40, is charged with eight felony and four misdemeanor counts of selling obscene videos. Krial’s company, LSP of Virginia, LLC, was hit with identical charges.

The opening of Krial’s Staunton business on Oct. 7 has spawned the Citizens’ Task Force Against Pornography and also generated a petition drive supporting After Hours Video. Thursday night, Krial said more than 800 people had signed the petition that’s being circulated at the Springhill Road store.

Robertson, who drew a line in the sand in August when he declared he would not “allow dissemination of pornographic material in Staunton,” said undercover agents from Virginia State Police, and both the Staunton and Waynesboro police departments took part in the investigation. Other area stores also were targeted, Robertson said, but Krial was the only person charged.

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