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Family Policy Network
Telephone: (202) 470-5095
Facsimile: (202) 318-0226

Administrative Mail:
P.O. Box 1199
Forest, VA 24551

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FPN of California
(Currently no state director)

FPN of Maryland
Tres Kerns, State Director (email)
In Baltimore, MD: (410) 793-4414

FPN of North Carolina
Terry Moffitt, Chairman (email)
In Raleigh, NC: (919) 827-8057

FPN of Ohio
(Currently no state director)

FPN of Pennsylvania
Roy Jones, State Director (email)
In Harrisburg, PA: (717) 441-3542

FPN of Tennessee
Ron Shank, State Director (email)
In Nashville, TN: (615) 866-5242

FPN of Texas
Danny Eason, State Director (email)
In Dallas, TX: (214) 256-4511

FPN of Virginia
Joe Glover, President (email)
In Richmond, VA: (804) 419-4483

FPN of West Virginia
(Currently no state director)