Nation Mourns Newtown Tragedy

Sandy Hook ElementaryThe entire nation is grieving the senseless killing of 20 children and seven adults in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. People throughout the nation have been grief-stricken since news broke that an elementary school was the site of one of the worst shooting massacres in U.S. history, this one taking the lives of 6 year olds.

Family Policy Network President Joe Glover expressed his heartfelt condolences to those touched by the tragedy. But he reminded all Americans of another tragedy that occurred that same day. Through FPN’s social media outlets, he wrote on Friday: “Over 3,000 American children were murdered today… in their mothers’ wombs.”

He also said, “May God grant His peace to the hearts of all those affected by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.”


Victims in Newton, CT:
The names and ages of victims in Newtown, Connecticut are: Charlotte-6, Daniel-7, Rachel Davino-29, Olivia-6, Josephine-7, Ana-6, Dylan-6, Dawn Hocksprung-47, Madeleine-6, Catherine-6, Chase-7, Jesse-6, James-6, Grace-7, Anne Marie Murphy-52, Emilie Parker-6, Jack-6, Noah-6, Caroline-6, Jessica-6, Avielle-6, Lauren Russeau-30, Mary Sherlach-56, Victoria Soto-27, Benjamin-6 and Allison-6.

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