Penn Professor Arrested on Child Sex Charges

University Recently Listed Among Top 20 “Gay-Friendly” in Ivy League by Homosexual Magazine

By AFA of PA President Diane Gramley – September 1, 2006

(Philadelphia) ““ [Early in August of 2006], the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia was lauded by The Advocate, a homosexual magazine, as one of the top 20 “gay-friendly” Ivy League schools in the nation. Penn State Provost Ron Daniels released a statement stating, “Penn is proud to be a campus where all our students and staff are valued for their contributions.” With the recent arrest of professor emeritus Lawrence Scott Ward on child sex charges, one state pro-family leader is wondering aloud if the university is still proud of that recognition.

American Family Association of Pennsylvania President Diane Gramley said, “This is the third time Professor Ward has faced sex charges involving young men.” She added, “His 1999 conviction of solicitation was not considered serious enough by the University and he continued to teach and maintain an office on campus. But his arrest Sunday just proves that the Boy Scouts are right when they ban open homosexuals from being leaders. Philadelphia needs to sit up and take notice.”

Gramley cited three statis indicating a link between homosexuality and pedophilia:

  • Homosexualities, a Simon and Schuster book by Alan Bell, reports that 25 percent of homosexual men admit to having had sex with boys who are 16 or under.
  • A survey of readers was conducted by The Advocate, a homosexual news magazine. Of the 2,500 respondents, 21 percent admitted that an adult man committed a sexual act with them before they were 15 years old.
  • Research scientist and professor of psychiatry Gene G. Abel, M.D., has conducted a study of non-incarcerated child sex offenders and has found that homosexuals “sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring five times greater than the molestation of girls.” More specifically, the report shows that, on average, 150.2 boys are molested per homosexual offender, whereas only 19.8 girls are molested per heterosexual offender. Homosexual offenders admitted between 23.4 and 281.7 acts of molesting boys.

Gramley said, “The University of Pennsylvania has created a dangerous situation for their students and homosexual groups sing their praises.”

Regarding Philadelphia’s attack on the bylaws of the city’s Boy Scout Troops – Gramley noted, “The Boy Scouts of America takes steps to protect the boys in their charge by banning homosexual leaders, even under intense pressure from homosexual groups…” and asked, “Who has the best interest of young men in mind?” She answered, “An honest and sincere look at the connections between homosexuality and pedophila makes that question easy to answer.”

Gramley warned Philadelphia’s mayor to avoid Penn’s mistake by saying, “The City of Philadelphia should do what is right [by looking at the facts and working] to protect, not evict the Boy Scouts in their City.” She concluded, “Don’t allow what the University of Pennsylvania has allowed.”

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Courtesy of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania – Copyright, 2006. All Rights Reserved.