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Family Policy Network Expect more hand-wringing and excuses from pro-homosexual politicians about why their state’s marriage amendment may be in “conflict” with the US Constitution. Nevada’s attorney general is merely the first to do so in the wake of the Prop 8 ruling.



Nevada’s gay marriage ban in constitutional limbo

When Nevada’s constitutional officers are sworn in, they pledge that they will “support, protect and defend” two constitutions, the United States’ and Nevada’s. But what happens when the two don’t agree?

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Family Policy Network According to Ken Mehlman, who recently admitted his homosexual behavior, former President Bush was “no homophobe.” This is telling. Having run his 2004 re-election campaign, Mehlman probably knows Bush’s inner thoughts on many issues, including homosexuality. In a day where mere disagreement with homosexual acts will get you labeled as a “homophobe” by most homosexuals, it is significant that Mehlman declines to characterize Bush with a term so commonly used by homosexuals.

Most people don’t know that President Bush is openly supportive of civil unions for homosexuals, and that he was a half-hearted (if that) worker on behalf of the Federal Marriage Amendment. He also made executive appointments of open homosexuals to different positions of power.

Bush Campaign Chief and Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: I’m Gay – Politics – The Atlantic

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Family Policy Network The Obama administration has been stonewalling against the release of a government study on abstinence education and its perception among American parents. The results of the study, which was done by the Department of Health and Human Services and paid for with your tax dollars, were so contrary to the pro-sex education mentality of this administration that the HHS refused to release the study publicly. It wasn’t until hundreds of people submitted formal Freedom of Information Act requests that the Obama HHS relented. Unsurprisingly, the study reveals that most parents are much more sympathetic to abstinence education than the media would have you to believe. The results, starting on page 28 of the document, indicate that more than 70 percent of American parents believe sex should be reserved for marriage.

Next time someone tells you the American public is “over” abstinence education, just tell them that the Obama administration has discovered the opposite to be true.




The Obama administration has been stonewalling against the release of a government study on abstinence education and its perception among American parents. The results of the study, which was done … by alexander849 in Government Docs

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Gary Glenn Impressive research, Jose. August 25 at 4:01pm


Noah Tickle Sodom and Gomorrah Again. August 26 at 6:20am

Family Policy Network The Obama administration is bent on destroying the unborn in the name of “science.” The Obama Justice Department plans to challenge yesterday’s court decision to suspend federal funding of embryonic stem cell research:



AFP: Obama administration to appeal stemcell research ruling

WASHINGTON — The US Justice Department said Tuesday it will appeal as early as this week a judge’s decision to block federal funding for stemcell research.

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Family Policy Network You won’t believe this. For two years, your tax dollars have been funding a study establishing ‘web-based sex diaries’ for homosexual males as young as 16:



U.S. Government Funded Study Establishing ‘Web-Based Sex Diaries’ for Gay Males As Young as 16

Since 2008, the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease has spent $126,000 in taxpayer funds for a University of Washington study that established ‘web-based sex diaries’ for gay men.

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Noah Tickle Sodom and Gomorrah Again. August 23 at 10:04pm

Family Policy Network FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason exposes “a heavily biased magazine editorial that masquerades as an objective news story.”

Newsweek Article Rejects God’s Design for Men and Women

An article appearing in the latest edition of Newsweek magazine uses fawning language to describe the current worldwide battle to force government recognition of people who prefer not to be “bound” by the constraints of “gender.” August 21 at 4:25pm


Jeffrey Colin Excuse me, but is it normal for People like yourself, who constantly say that they want Government “our of our lives,” to push to superimpose “Christian” Morality over an Individual’s Right to develop their own since of Morality? Since when do you People have the Right to dictate any Absolute Morality? I would honestly like someone to answer this question for me. Thanks. August 22 at 1:00 am

Family Policy Network A new article from the Wall Street Journal deals with the push in Wisconsin to expand public access to so-called “family planning” measures, which is a misnomer. In reality, Wisconsin wants to use taxpayer dollars to expand access to potentially abortion-inducing drugs for “low-income” women. The state (and 26 others) already provide tax-payer funded birth control pills for women, but the proposed expansion would provide abortifacients to more Wisconsinites.

Guess what? The prospect for Wisconsin’s plans for expansion became possible under the new federal health care overhaul, which was supposedly neutral on the issue of abortion. But the proof is here. Pro-aborts knew they could placate some pro-lifers by prohibiting elective surgical abortions from being funded, while implicitly allowing funding for controversial chemical birth control, which can cause newly formed human lives to be extinguished.



Wisconsin Pushes to Broaden Free Birth-Control Program –

Wisconsin is seeking to expand a program that provides free birth-control pills, vasectomies and other forms of contraception to low-income people, after the federal health overhaul cleared the way to make it permanent.

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Family Policy Network The Ninth Circuit Court is reviewing requests from the backers of California’s marriage amendment to stay Judge Walker’s ruling to resume homosexual “marriage” next week. Things are being fast-tracked, and homosexual “marriage” supporters are also entering their reply to the ruling. The Ninth Circuit may rule early next week on whether the “marriages” will resume. SCOTUSblog » Judges move quickly on Prop. 8 August 14 at 12:04pm via HootSuite ·

Noah Tickle‎”Saying something positive”, I am so glad I found this Network. We need to band together, “All for one-One for All”. SO, Sad. Day by Day every attempt to Sodom and Gomorrah Our Republic is ever present. Saturday at 5:19pm

Porter Lager Canada is doing just fine Saturday at 5:54pm

Family Policy Network Glenn Beck’s supposed conservatism is really a man-centered libertarianism. Beck recently told Bill O’Reilly that he does not believe homosexual “marriage” is a big deal, and that conservatives should be fighting other things. According to Beck, “the country is burning down,” and arguing about homosexual “marriage” and abortion should be lesser concerns. Beck tipped his libertarian beliefs when he quoted Thomas Jefferson, saying, “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?” Here is a classic example of foolish shortsightedness. Beck doesn’t realize marriage laws DO affect everyone’s pocket. From tax benefits to adoption, marriage laws impact the way tax dollars are spent! If Beck is so concerned about his pocket being picked, he should be wary of opening the floodgates of homosexual “marriage” and its subsequent effects on how his tax dollars are used. Regardless, his statement belies the selfish tendency of libertarianism. Beck’s primary concern, according to his own paraphrasing of Jefferson, is his own well-being and his own wallet. In other words, Beck would condemn future generations of young impressionable children to homes wherein God is mocked and sexuality is perverted just because he thinks it won’t affect his own safety or fiscal security. How selfish! This ideology is in direct opposition to the Word of God, which teaches that governments exist to promote righteousness and restrict evil. Scripture also teaches that homosexuality is evil and a perversion of God’s intentions. Therefore, the state should not actively legitimize and promote that which God has called evil. For Beck to espouse a contrary position because of the Constitution is to place that fallible document on a greater level of value than the infallible Word of God. Mr. Beck would do well to heed the warning of Isaiah: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” Glenn Beck: Gay Marriage NOT Threat to America (VIDEO) Why doesn’t Glenn Beck cover gay marriage? Because he doesn’t believe it’s a threat to the nation. August 12 at 1:32pm

Kurt Rebel Feigel

Well personally I don’t think that gays will bring judgment but that they are judgment. God has turned our nation like many before us over to our depravity. Homosexuality, Pornography, Abortion are signs that we as a people MUST repent. Politically, economically Beck is right. Spiritually and socially he is wrong. This issue is a huge one. THOUGH the only chance to beat it now is a constitutional amendment. Good luck. We are not a moral people. We do not seek after God. We have like in Isiah 5: Exchanged evil for good and good for evil have made bitter, sweet and sweet bitter. August 12 at 2:35pm

Noah Tickle Hear, Hear. August 12 at 3:33pm


Jacqueline Henley I agree. Now we see the effects of not having a solid foundation. If his foundation were truly Jesus the Christ, he would not be willing compromise with the world. August 12 at 4:59pm

Family Policy Network Recent news stories have focused on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s efforts to reinstate homosexual “marriage” in California, even though it was approved by more than 7 million of his constituents. Here’s an FPN flashback from our policy blog detailing Schwarzenegger’s efforts to undermine voters and the constitution he swore to uphold: Schwarzenegger Violates Oath by Opposing Proposition 8 after Election On November 4th, nearly six million California citizens rejected radical homosexual activism by writing the Biblical definition of marriage into their state’s constitution. They did so by supporting a ballot referendum known as “Proposition 8,” which passed on the same day Barak Obama was elected p… Wednesday at 12:54pm

Family Policy Network A new editorial from the LA Times explores Judge Walker’s recent decision to thwart the will of 7 million voters and strike down the California marriage amendment. In his decision, Walker asserts that “sexual orientation” should be a protected class, much like race or sex. The editorial is written in support of this idea, and asserts that homosexuals are a disadvantaged minority deserving of the “utmost protection” by the courts.But the logic is flawed, of course. Typically, these protected classes have come about as a result of political powerlessness, immutable characteristics, and economic and social disadvantages. Homosexuals, as a group, do not meet any of these litmus tests. Here’s why: 1. One of the most politically powerful lobbying groups in D.C. is the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual-rights organization with a $41 million dollar yearly budget. They influence legislation and political races all over the country. Furthermore, homosexuals have clout in both major political parties. They have near complete support from one party and are beginning to exert large amounts of influence over the party platform in the other. 2. Homosexuality has never conclusively been shown to be inherent or genetic. Millions of dollars have been poured into countless studies over the years in an effort to prove this “silver bullet” argument of homosexual activists. Yet, no peer-reviewed, scientifically reliable study has ever proven that people are born “gay.” 3. Homosexuals are among the most wealthy people in the US, per capita. Studies have shown that homosexual “households” have higher incomes than heterosexual ones. Studies have also shown that they are, on average, better educated than heterosexual Americans. This contributes, in part, to their higher incomes. 4. Homosexuals enjoy largely positive representations in media and culture. Try thinking of a television sitcom that doesn’t have a “gay” character. After receiving a complaint from a homosexual media advocacy group, CBS has recently promised to introduce even more homosexual characters into their shows this Fall. These glowing media portrayals of a deadly lifestyle have, in part, contributed to the steadily declining percentage of Americans who believe homosexuality is morally wrong. On every front, homosexuals are, in almost every measurable category, among the most privileged groups in the country. The LA Times is foolish and deceptive to say otherwise. Efforts to create legally-protected status for an already privileged minority are simply another way to force the legitimization of sin onto America’s conscience. Don’t stand for it, Christian.,0,7789718.story

Homosexuality and the law –

Gays and lesbians should be considered a minority group privileged to the court standard of ‘strict scrutiny.’

Family Policy Network Ann Coulter will soon be headlining a gathering of homosexuals organized by GOProud, a homosexual org that touts itself as politically conservative. The group’s leader remarked on Coulter’s support of homosexuals: “I think that by virtue of her doing this event it speaks to what she thinks about gay people.” August 9 at 11:42am Indeed it does.

Ann Coulter To Speak at Gay Convention in NYC Queen liberal-bashing Ann Coulter will be headlining “Homocon 2010″ in New York City this fall — the first annual convention of gay conservatives. Set to take place on Sept.

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Family Policy Network Homosexual activists won’t stop until the govt is forced to recognize their sin as legitimate: Civil union opponents regroup after suit filed August 2 at 12:34pm via HootSuite

Family Policy Network BREAKING: Open Homosexual Judge Vaughn Walker strikes down Proposition 8; one man thwarts the will of 7 million voters! August 4 at 3:55pm

William Jennings May those 7 million remind him whose boss and stand behind the appeal! August 4 at 4:00pm

Family Policy Network Homosexual activists won’t stop until the govt is forced to recognize their sin as legitimate: Civil union opponents regroup after suit filed August 2 at 12:34pm via HootSuite