FPN-TN to Push for New Law to Protect Children

Family Policy Network (FPN) is beginning a 6-month campaign to push for a new state-based approach to protecting children from homosexual activists in public schools. Please read this alert and utilize the Action Item near the end of this message to express your opinion to state lawmakers. If you would like to get involved in this effort or want more information, call me at 615-866-5242, extension 2.

– Ron Shank, FPN of Tennessee


Restricting Homosexual Activists in Schools:

Despite various efforts to ban activist groups like the “Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network” (GLSEN) from promoting “tolerance” of homosexuality to children in public schools, success stories in doing so are few and far between. A new law in Georgia, however, might be the answer to part of the problem.

This year, public schools in the Peach State must alert parents to the nature of all non-academic clubs and allow them to “opt-out” their children from any meetings they deem offensive. This new law accomplishes two very important objectives.
First, this law will obviously give parents the choice to protect their children from the influence of homosexual activist organizations like GLSEN.

Second, this law will alert parents who would otherwise believe their schools are somehow exempt from pro-homosexual activism.


– Read about how homosexuals are decrying the Georgia law requiring parents’ approval for kids to attend so-called “gay-straight alliance” meetings in public schools:

“White County students face new hurdle for gay-straight club”
SOUTHERN VOICE: (A pro-homosexual newspaper)

WARNING: This is a link to a pro-homosexual website.


Express your thoughts to lawmakers about requiring school children to obtain their parents’ permission before participating in non-academic, school-based club activities.

Use these links to find and contact your state lawmakers…

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