FPN Promotes State-Based School Club Restrictions in AL, NC, TN, TX and VA

[FPN] – In August of 2006, Family Policy Network (FPN) announced a campaign to promote a state-based approach to protecting children from homosexual activists in public schools. Efforts are underway (in various stages) to promote FPN’s school-based clubs proposal in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Similar bills have become law already in Georgia and Utah. Another similar proposal has been promoted in Massachusetts.

While various attempts have been made to promote similar proposals in recent years, FPN’s approach is unique in a few important ways. First, FPN’s school clubs proposal seeks to apply restrictions to ALL school-based clubs in order to appease satisfy the requirements of some federal court rulings against selective restrictions due to the Equal Access Act. Second, it requires school districts to provide parents with infomation on school clubs and to provide them an opportunity to opt their children out of clubs they deem offensive. Third, it requires specific types of information be given to parents, to reveal the true nature of clubs that intend to persuade children to think or feel certain ways about controversial topics. Lastly, it requires that the required information for parents must be communicated in the same way they are given other pertinent data, like class schedules and general disciplinary procedures.


FPN MODEL LEGISLATION: Family Policy Network’s model legislation to regulate school-based clubs (including so-called “˜gay-straight alliances’ and wiccan clubs) An point-by-point explanation of the reasons for FPN’s school-clubs proposal.


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WARNING: This is a link to a pro-homosexual website.

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