Santorum defends support for pro-abortion Specter

By Bill Fancher – AgapePress, 2/25/05

(Washington, D.C.) – Pennsylvania pro-family Senator Rick Santorum is continuing to defend his decision last year to back pro-choice and pro-homosexual GOP Senator Arlen Specter for re-election. Santorum was challenged on that choice during a recent gathering of conservatives in Washington, DC.

Santorum did not back down as he answered the challenge. “I have one response to that: fifty-five — that’s my response,” he said. “We had a plan in place to get as many Republican senators elected as possible, because the more Republican senators we have, the better chance we can pass legislation.”

The plan, the senator continued, was a simple one: “Minimize the problems we have in ‘blue states’ with open seats and tough races, and maximize the opportunities we have in ‘red states’ in November.” The explanation did not seem to satisfy many of the conservative activists who are not happy with Senator Santorum.

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