Homosexual Activists No Longer Satisfied With Anything LESS Than “Marriage”

The Rhode Island legislature is currently debating a bill that would create homosexual “civil unions” in that state. However, as this article notes, the recent public hearing on the bill revealed that neither homosexual activists or pro-family activists support the bill.

It’s obvious why pro-family activists oppose the bill. These Biblical marriage supporters understand that a civil unions bill would only be the first step in the process to redefine God’s institution of marriage in the Ocean State.

But surprisingly, homosexual activists are very opposed to the bill as well. “This creates a separate status only for gay people to send a message that gay people are not worthy of the protections marriage provides,” said Karen Loewy, an attorney for a pro-homosexual legal group.

Homosexual opposition to the bill is very telling. Not long ago, homosexual activists faced widespread public opposition to the idea of homosexual “marriage.” As a result, these homosexual activists began simultaneously working behind the scenes to gain the benefits of marriage without immediately demanding they be able to use the word. So began the push for homosexual civil unions and domestic partnerships. They believed this veiled effort would allow them to obtain their ultimate objective of marriage incrementally.

At the time, a well-known homosexual activist wrote a letter to homosexual activists urging them to take the long view. In it he wrote that homosexuals’ “best strategy for securing the social endorsement (i.e., marriage under the name “marriage”) is first to secure the legal incidents. Then people will look at our civil unions, realize that they are virtually indistinguishable from marriages, start calling them marriages, and gradually forget why they objected to doing so before.”

Homosexual opposition to the Rhode Island bill shows that this prediction has come true. After years of exposure to propaganda from the pro-homosexual media in news, television, cinema and the arts, national public opinion has now shifted in favor of homosexual marriage. As a result, homosexual activists see no reason to hide their true goals in the semantical closet any longer. They’ve now moved past the stage where they believe it’s necessary to pretend to like civil unions and domestic partnerships. In other words, they no longer want to settle for anything less than the rights and benefits of marriage PLUS the title itself.

It’s a watershed moment in the pro-family effort to preserve the Biblical concept of marriage. As more and more states begin debating passage of homosexual “unions,” the Rhode Island scenario will begin to become commonplace. As national public opinion continues to grow in its rejection of for marriage, any opposition to homosexual “marriage” will be increasingly vilified.

But Christians must be prepared to stand firmly on God’s unchanging Word, even though it brings shame and reproach from the unbelieving world.


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Civil unions may make for good legislative compromise in Rhode Island’s gay marriage debate, but the proposal won nothing but scorn during a public hearing at the Statehouse on Wednesday.

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1 Corinthians 10:31

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