The Inherent Harm of So-Called “Gay Marriage”

The question is often asked of Christians who oppose the cultural advancement of so-called gay marriage: “How would homosexual couples being allowed to file taxes together, adopt, and visit each other in the hospital harm heterosexual couples?”

Skip the broad discussion on gay adoption; since the problem it creates is that it obviously imposes a terribly unfair, motherless or fatherless existence on children who need the unique parenting qualities of both. Also set aside the question of hospital visits, or the oft-mentioned denial of inheritance rights, since those ARE available to any two people (regardless of their affiliation with one another) with a simple, statement that can be written and signed on a single sheet of paper.

Instead, focus on the broader question regarding “harm.”

Many Americans appear to be convinced that, as a matter of public policy, people who engage in deviant sex practices should be officially blessed by the state to do whatever they please in private. However, as a matter of public policy, the issue isn’t nearly that simple. Like it or not, the government necessarily will take a “moral” position on this issue. The only question remaining is whether it will be a moral position FOR or AGAINST same-sex proclivities.

For example, several years ago, in the name of “freedom,” the U.S. Supreme Court cited European laws to overturn sodomy laws in states throughout the nation. Ironically, one of the two plaintiffs who won that case died a few years ago at age 39. His name was Tyrone Garner, and he died of complications related to hepatitis, which is a fate that often claims the lives of young homosexuals due to their persistent sexual activities involving the mouth and anus. Mr. Garner is a classic example of a person who “won the battle, but lost the war.” Tragically, he is not alone.

Vast numbers of homosexuals are dying at an early age from the health consequences associated with the deviant sexual activities. Without being too graphic, there are some obvious problems associated with sexual activities involving the mouth and/or anus. These activities are so problematic, that an extensive study commissioned by Oxford University found that people engaging in same-sex sodomy by age 20 have only a 57% chance of reaching age 65. Meanwhile, the average age of death for all citizens in the U.S. today is approximately 80. According to the summary of the research, which was conducted by the International Journal of Epidemiology, the average life expectancy of the people engaging in homosexual sex acts by age 20 is so short that it compares with people who were alive in 1871.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would believe the government should sanction and/or benefit a deadly type of sexual behavior that causes so many people to visit such an early grave, especially when it produces no tangible benefits for society at large.

And yet many homosexuals publicly appeal to a libertarian notion of “freedom,” arguing that a person’s sex practices and the resulting consequences aren’t any of the government’s business. The truth is, however, homosexual activists really want much more than just the “freedom” to do as they please. They want the government to force everyone else to acquiesce to, and endorse their immorality. In addition, they want society to pay for the enormous consequences (medically and otherwise) that will ultimately result from their deviant proclivities if they refuse to change them.

Ultimately, though, they crave legitimacy for their perversion from the very government they claim has no right to make judgments about their personal “choices.” They want activist judges to create legal arrangements that force businesses, churches, individuals and other institutions in society to place homosexual relationships on the same legal plane with that of married couples. They want those same institutions to reward their immorality with the extension of health and life insurance benefits, tax breaks, pension plans and even private perks like “family” membership privileges in country clubs and fitness spas.

It is now clear that if the government removes public policies condemning deadly sexual practices like homosexuality, then there must be “equal” attention in the law given to sexual immorality as to natural relations that God designed for married men and women. This means there are several public policy concerns that would have to be addressed if the government refuses to take a position against homosexuality. Here are just three examples:

    -Homosexual sex practices (and other deviant proclivities) would have to be taught in public schools alongside heterosexuality in biology, health and sex-ed classes.
    -Homosexual former spouses who “marry” same-sex partners before the straight victims of those same divorces can marry would gain custody of children from the previous marriage for the sake of the added “stability” that those “two-parent” homosexual “families” would supposedly provide.
    -Schools, pediatricians’ offices, daycare centers, churches and other employers would be forced to hire sexual deviants.

Fairness, you know?

Homosexual activists are really after much more than the legal incidents of marriage. They really want everyone else to say what they’re doing is O.K.


Hope for Homosexuals

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