CRITICAL ACTION ALERT: GOP Flip-Flops Help Homosexual Activists in Richmond…


(Richmond) – On Tuesday, February 26th, the Commerce and Labor Committee in the Virginia House of Delegates will consider a bill that would permit local governments to give away one of the cherished benefits of marriage to unwed partners – – including homosexuals. [link] This stealthily crafted legislation was believed to have no chance at making it to the full committee for consideration, but now appears to have a decent chance at passage.

Without your immediate help, this anti-family bill could soon become law – – especially since Republican lawmakers are switching sides to support it!

Please read to the end of this email to see how you can help stop this bill…

The scheme, introduced by liberal Democrat Mary Whipple, is sometimes referred to as a “reciprocal beneficiaries” arrangement. Under the guise of “fairness,” it permits localities the right to give away insurance benefits to any person designated by any employee. This may seem fair, but it creates an undue burden on healthy taxpayers and employees who have to foot the bill for people who make unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Study after study has concluded that married heterosexual couples are statistically healthier, and enjoy longer lifespans than the general population. Thus, one of the benefits of marriage has always been to reward married couples with shared insurance benefits as a way to encourage more people to marry and enjoy better health and longevity.

The financial costs resulting from the health consequences associated with “alternative lifestyles” are skyrocketing, which is one of the reasons homosexual activists are fighting to gain access to this and other benefits of marriage. Unfortunately when they gain these benefits, the price for their bad behavior is shifted to people who know better than to participate.

While liberal lawmakers would like to cast this issue and others like it as a matter of “fairness,” the fact is that it shifts the burden of bad behaviors onto people who are wise enough to abstain from them.

Perhaps the most discouraging news to report on this matter is the fact that a couple of solid conservatives flip-flopped and supported this anti-family legislation. Chris Saxman (R-Staunton) and Frank Hargrove (R-Hanover) both switched their votes, siding with liberal lobbyists from pro-homosexual groups who testified before the subcommittee hearing on Tuesday night.

Please take the time NOW to urge House Speaker Bill Howell to use his influence to kill the harmful proposal known as SB51. Then urge Delegates Saxman and Hargrove to switch their votes BACK TO THE PRO-FAMILY SIDE on SB51 in the full committee vote on Thursday.




1. Contact the Speaker of the House of Delegates to help kill SB51:

– Write to House Speaker Bill Howell HELP DEFEAT SENATE BILL 51 in the House Commerce and Labor Committee:

House Speaker Bill Howell
[email protected]
(804) 698-1028


2. Urge these conservative flip-floppers to “COME BACK HOME” and vote AGAINST “SB51″ in the full committee:

Frank Hargrove (R-Hanover)
[email protected]
(804) 698-1055

Harvey Morgan (R-Gloucester)
[email protected]
(804) 698-1098

Chris Saxman (R-Staunton)
[email protected]
(804) 698-1020

3. For added impact, contact your own Delegate:

– Simply call (toll-free) 1-800-889-0229 (during business hours only). Once you provide your name and address, tell the operator that you want your delegate to VOTE NO on SENATE BILL 51.

– Click here to find and send your Delegate an email in opposition to SB51.