Christians Must Preach the Gospel to Homosexuals

Paul wrote that all unbelievers (homosexual and heterosexual alike) have the same revelation from God made plain to them, leaving no excuse for their rejection of Him (Romans 1).

But quoting the Bible doesn’t work with some activist homosexuals, mainly because of the erroneous postmodern notion that “truth” can be different for everyone.

Sometimes, it’s quite frustrating to be caught in that dilemma when witnessing to homosexuals. But Christians must be convinced by Scripture that while they are called to speak the mystery of the Gospel boldly in the face of opposition (1 Thessalonians 2:2), their accountability before God is merely to preach the Gospel (Matthew 10:14).

It seems there is no “slam-dunk” intellectual argument or statement that causes immediate repentance in the heart of the hearer. After all, it’s not the Christian’s job to change anyone’s heart. Rather, they are to point them to the One who can: Jesus Christ.


Hope for Homosexuals

God’s love is not reserved for people who have always had everything “straight.” Instead, God desires to have a relationship with those who have gone astray. And while there is a great price to be paid for our sin; God has already paid it in full. Hope can be yours today if you will open your heart

1 Thessalonians 2:2

But even[a] after we had suffered before and were spitefully treated at Philippi, as you know, we were bold in our God to speak to you the gospel of God in much conflict.