A Lifetime of Homosexuality Brings More Pain and Suffering

A new article in The New York Times details a recent study in California that found that older homosexuals are far more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to have serious mental and physical problems.

It is well-established that homosexual behavior brings great turmoil, both physical and mental, to one’s life. One study performed by the University of Oxford found that a person who begins practicing homosexuality by the age of 17 has just about a 50% chance of ever reaching age 65. That’s a shocking figure, but there are dozens more statistical realities about homosexual behavior that are just as shocking.

You can see some of them here:

God’s design for human sexuality is life-long monogamous heterosexual marriage. Studies have shown (and always will show) that it is the most rewarding and least physically/emotionally problematic path humans can take. It is the best path because God has revealed it to be His ideal in Scripture. All people would do well to submit to His design.


NY TIMES: Illness More Prevalent Among Older Gay Adults
New York Times

Older lesbian, gay and bisexual adults in California are more likely to suffer from chronic physical and mental health problems than their heterosexual counterparts, a new analysis has found. They also are less likely to have live-in partners or adult children who can help care for them.

Ephesians 5:11

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.(NKJV)