Just Because Surgical Abortions Are Decreasing Doesn’t Mean All Abortions Are

A new study indicates that the recent increase in state pro-life laws is contributing to a decrease in surgical abortions. The twenty-year study is being hailed by many pro-lifers as a generational victory, evidence that the incremental strategy of making abortions difficult to obtain is working.

But we shouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet.

Other studies performed during the same time period indicate that chemical birth control usage has increased, as well. While the increase in pro-life laws may have contributed to a lower rate of surgical abortions, it DOES NOT necessarily mean that there are fewer abortions occurring.

Even Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion research arm, The Guttmacher Institute, has released a study indicating an increase in birth control usage worldwide:

Another study released just today found that the percentage of teenage girls on chemical birth control has been rising steadily since 2002.

It’s quite possible that while surgical abortions have declined over the past twenty years, it’s merely a result of an increase in chemical birth control usage, a method which often leads to chemical abortions.


Pro-life laws seen as factor in drop in abortions – Washington Times
Washington Times
Pro-life laws are part of the reason abortion rates have declined over the past two decades, a study says.

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‘You shall not murder.