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( – 5/6/11) – Planned Parenthood says a California county didn’t fully comply with state law regarding sex education in high school.

A recent audit conducted by the largest abortion-provider in America shows that no school district in Ventura County fully taught its students about contraceptive use. Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura, & San Luis Obispo Counties, Inc., says it hopes the audit will be an incentive for the county to provide more sex education. A spokeswoman for that group told the Ventura County Star the audit was not about “value judgment [but] purely about compliance.”

Alex Mason of the Family Policy Network, however, contends that all Planned Parenthood wants to do is to promote a culture of abortion — and although the organization labels itself as a “resource,” he says in reality it encourages moral decay.

“They like to cast themselves as something that’s helpful for the community, when in reality they’re pied pipers,” states Mason. “…They will lead children away from their parents, away from the hearts of their parents, and away from God’s law and God’s standards on sexuality, on the sanctity of life, and everything in between.”

According to Mason, Planned Parenthood seeks to indoctrinate young people with the idea that abortion is acceptable.

“They know that the best way to espouse cultural rejection of God’s standards on sexuality is to reach students when they’re young,” he acknowledges. “That’s why they make every effort that they can to get the students in the school system and to teach them rejection of God’s standards on sexuality.”

Current state law does not require sex education to be taught unless school districts choose to do so.

Planned Parenthood claims to be “very optimistic” that within the next school year, Ventura County will better comply with state law regarding sex education.