Michigan Group Joins Boycott vs. Hallmark Over “same-sex couple” Cards

A Michigan pro-family group has joined a nationwide boycott of a major greeting card company as a result of its promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. The American Family Association of Michigan has joined forces with several other pro-family groups around the country to boycott Hallmark over the company’s new line of “same-sex couple” cards.

AFA-Michigan’s President Gary Glenn said, “Hallmark’s corporate position helps culturally legitimize and promote so-called homosexual “˜marriage,’ using its customers’ money to do so.” He added, “Each of us should ensure as a matter of conscience that Hallmark isn’t able to use any of our families’ money.”

Glenn said, “Several years ago, homosexual activists criticized a private school for observing Mother’s Day, since they said it “˜discriminated’ against children “˜who have two (homosexual) fathers’.” He added, “That biological impossibility aside, what will Hallmark do next, remove its Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards to avoid offending homosexual activists? It’s obvious they have no concern about offending Christians and others who believe homosexual behavior is sinful and wrong.”

The text of the Boycott Hallmark petition reads as follows:

To: Hallmark Cards CEO Donald J. Hall

In Isaiah 5:20, God warns against exchanging good for evil by saying, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (NKJV)

In Mark 10:6-8, God’s design for marriage is expressed clearly by Jesus Christ, when He declares, “But from the beginning of the creation, God “˜made them male and female.’ For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.” (NKJV)

I urge you to withdraw any and all products sold by your company that celebrate, condone or otherwise encourage homosexual conduct and/or relationships. Unless and until you do, you have my pledge that I will refrain from doing business with your company.

Many Michiganders who signed the petition to boycott Hallmark over its pro-homosexual cards added their own comments to the statement above. Here is a sampling of those comments:

    • Georgia in Whitelake, MI writes, “You’re making a bad decision endorse homosexual behavior. I will no longer buy your cards.”


    • Jan in Shelbyville, MI writes, “It’s a sad day when the BEST greeting card company bows to this degenerate lifestyle!”


    • Marilyn in Ira, MI writes, “I love Hallmark and get all my cards from you, but not until you change your policy and pull these cards encouraging a homosexual lifestyle.”


    • Scott in Waterford, MI writes, “You are causing far more destruction than you realize.”


    • Frank in Bloomfield Hills, MI writes, “I have always bought Hallmark cards. I will stop it if you don’t stop the gay cards.”


    • John in Roseville, MI writes, “More proof of how our society is sliding just further down the sewer!”


    • Gloria in Hillsdale, MI writes, “I am sorry that you have chosen to ignore the millions of Christians that loved your cards.”


    • Ron in Muskegon, MI writes, “I have stopped doing business with your company.”


    • Pamela in Clarkston, MI writes, “This is not in the Bible and it is against the things of God.”


    • Evelyn in Lake Odessa, MI writes, “ENOUGH!”


    • Rachel in Washington, MI writes, “It is not your job to define marriage through your cards. Stay out of it and stay moral.”


    • Kathleen in Grand Rapids, MI writes, “Please keep your stores family friendly. Our children are exposed to enough indecency as it is.”


    • Carole in Hart, MI writes, “I have always enjoyed shopping at Hallmark stores. But I cannot do so any longer, unless your stand on the homosexual issue changes.”


    • Theodore in Flint, MI writes, “I am very disappointed with the Hallmark Corp. over this decision. Hallmark has stood for family values for many decades but has turned from this to values that are degrading to families and the USA.”


    • Dawn in Ferndale, MI writes, “Until you stop this insane push for profits at any cost, I am a former GoldCrown member.”


    • Lisa in Saginaw, MI writes, “I am very disappointed that you are supporting something that contradicts the natural design of families and our bodies. I will be looking for another place to purchase cards. I hope that I will be able to shop with you again.”


    • Ruth in Rose City, MI writes, “Gay marriage is wrong, against God’s standards. You cannot mock God without feeling the consequences.”


    • Gordon in Sparta, MI writes, “I will not buy another Hallmark card or product sold in any Hallmark store until actions of the company are reversed.”


    • Keith in Detroit, MI writes, “This is just wrong!!!”


    • Christine in Ludington, MI writes, “I definitely will not enter your store until I know you are not selling homosexual marriage cards.”


    • Patricia in Grand Rapids, MI writes, “Your cards and the Hallmark specials for TV have been something I have enjoyed. I will no longer participate with either unless you reconsider and remove these objectionable cards from your stores.”


    • Judy in Muskegon, MI writes, “I’m really sorry that this is necessary. But I believe that we need to speak out.”


    • Glenda in Fowlerville, MI writes, “The Christmas shopping season has begun. I will NOT be spending my money at Hallmark stores.”


    • Bonnie in Gladstone, MI writes, “I am so disappointed by Hallmark’s actions. I always thought Hallmark was family supportive.”


    • Cassius in East Lansing, MI writes, “We stand faithfully and firmly on our biblical beliefs about human sexuality, while reaching out in love to those affected by homosexuality and who have finally seen the need to escape from such a harmful life style. Your encouragement is wrong.”


    • Karen in Saginaw, MI writes, “Please don’t go there! Please!”

    • Janice in Portage, MI writes, “Sorry, Hallmark, you overstepped on this one. I only support traditional family-friendly businesses–and apparently you’ve chosen to disregard the belief systems of the majority of the people.”


    • Zoe in Troy, MI writes, “Why does Hallmark think they have to approve of sin?”


    • Judith in Alpean, MI writes, “I love hallmark, but I refuse to purchase one more card until your cards are withdrawn that celebrate gay “marriage”.”


    • Georgia in Berkley, MI writes, “I will no longer buy Hallmark products until these cards are removed for all stores.”


    • Karen in Portage, MI writes, “I’m a Premium Gold Crown Member. Please don’t offer the homosexual products. If you do, I’m sorry, I can’t shop there. Please let me shop there again! I want to!”


    • Jeffrey in Troy, MI writes, “Do the right thing!”


    • Heidi in Six Lakes, MI writes, “I will be boycotting your products until I see this matter addressed and dealt with.”


    • Carol in Bloomfield, MI writes, “The Hallmark image has always been respected as the “hallmark” of family values. Why are you betraying the society which has supported you for a little added business? I will return 4 boxes of nativity Christmas cards I bought.”


    • Peter in Scotts, MI writes, “Nothing is more important in today’s world to celebrate family as ordained by God – man, woman, and children. A solid family is the bedrock of a solid nation.”


    • Jane in Howell, MI writes, “STOP.”


    • Marilyn in Grosse Point, MI writes, “While I believe we are to “love our neighbor…” whomever that may be I oppose homosexual marriage. Marriage is one woman married to one man. Period!”


    • Mary in Manitou Beach, MI writes, “Myself, my family and friends are NO longer buying Hallmark anything until this nonsense on coming out cards is stopped.”


    • Michael in Ann Arbor, MI writes, “I am quite appalled that Hallmark – a traditional family oriented store has stooped down to appeal to non-traditional family – the homosexual community. Because of this, I can purchase cards and gifts from another company.”


    • Jeff in Grand Rapids, MI writes, “What this means is that Hallmark is no longer trusted provider of cards and programs that touch the heart.”


    • Christine in Detroit, MI writes, “Please take heed to our plea…and let’s stop the judgment of God on our nation.”



By signing AFA of Michigan’s SECURE petition, your name and contact data will be compiled with many others from all over the United States who are opposed Hallmark’s pro-homosexual cards. The list will be forwarded to Hallmark Chairman Donald J. Hall along with the verses above and an admonition to stop endorsing homosexual immorality.

To sign this petition now, click here:

Thank you for your support. Let’s pray together for Hallmark to do the right thing and pull these cards from their shelves.


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