Christian Groups Pressure Miller Brewing Company to Stop Funding Debauchery

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“Miller Brewery Funds Gay Sadomasochistic Orgy on San Francisco Streets”
By John-Henry Westen, – September 25, 2007

The Folsom Street Fair, a gay parade which has for years included full nudity and sex acts on public streets is set to take place again this year on September 30 with city approval, partial public funding and sponsorship by Miller Brewing Company. This year several Christian and pro-family groups have called for public scrutiny into the event as the ad for the event is a mockery of Christ’s Last Supper.

The ad portrays Christ and His disciples as half-naked homosexual sadomasochists with the bread and wine representing Christ’s broken body and blood replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys.

“The most unimaginable and vile acts of debauchery are commonplace during the fair,” said Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA). “Senator Larry Craig was arrested and driven out of the Senate for allegedly soliciting public ‘gay’ sex, yet during this event the city of San Francisco suspends the law and allows ‘gay’ men and women to parade the streets fully nude, many having sex – even group orgies – in broad daylight, while taxpayer funded police officers look on and do absolutely nothing.”

Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual who runs a ministry for those struggling to overcome same-sex attraction disorder challenged mainstream gay groups to condemn the vile anti-Christian display. “I call upon the homosexual Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, GLSEN, and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force to publicly condemn this blatant mockery of Christians and Christianity by some within their community, and condemn this sick public display of immoral behavior,” he said.

Bennett also called on the Miller Brewing Company to pull their endorsement of the event.

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Family Policy Network will be sponsoring an evangelistic outreach to homosexuals during the 2007 Folsom Street Fair, designed to confront attendees at the so-called “gay pride” event with the truth that Jesus Christ can set them free from sexual sin.

FPN has contracted a pilot to fly an airplane banner over the Folsom Street Fair on September 30, 2007 that reads, “JESUS CHRIST: WWW. HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS .COM.”

FPN first established ““ in 2001 to encourage practicing homosexuals to “come out” of that destructive lifestyle, and to embrace the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. The website features stirring testimonies from former homosexuals, an explanation of God’s plan to redeem those who are willing to repent, information warning about the destructive nature of homosexuality, and contact information for groups that assist people who desire to repent of sexual sin.

Click here to learn more about FPN’s “Hope Banner” campaign.