New Gov’t Website Encourages Taking Pride in Sin

A new government website aims to encourage homosexuality among young people. Sadly, President Obama’s pro-homosexual agenda doesn’t just stop at his refusal to defend DOMA or at his eagerness to hire open and avowed homosexuals into his administration. No, it includes the indoctrination of our nation’s children. is the new website created by the Obama administration that aims to teach young people that homosexuality is nothing of which to be ashamed. Rather, the site encourages young people to embrace and even celebrate homosexuality. The website instructs children struggling with this issue not to fight it. According to the website, homosexual/bisexual/”transgender” youth “matter and have a place in the world, are not alone, and can be proud of who [they] are.”

While it does not come from the same worldview, the Christian counter-message affirms the first two points, but for entirely different reasons. Scripture teaches the unique value and worth of every human being, not on the basis of our actions, behavior, or even sin, but because we are created in the image of God. Though all mankind is sinful, we have been created by God, who desires that our lives bring Him glory. This in turn brings us our greatest fulfillment.

Just as importantly, Scripture also confirms the reality that other Christians do struggle with sexual sins, even homosexual desires. However, the difference between the believer and unbeliever in that struggle is a desire for change and holiness given by the Holy Spirit. Those who struggle against homosexual temptation don’t have to feel alone; true Christian community exists to help fellow believers grow in sanctification and Christ-likeness. God’s love isn’t reserved for people who’ve always had everything “straight;” that’s why FPN created

So while Christianity affirms that those who struggle with sin have inherent worth as well as potential for Christian help and accountability, sin is NEVER something of which to “be proud,” contrary to what the website says. While the Obama administration is encouraging young people to embrace their sin, Jesus calls all people to repent and trust Him. Sin is something to be shunned and resisted; it is never a source of pride. Through His Word, God has clearly shown us the sinfulness of any sexual behavior outside the bond of the one-man, one-woman marriage covenant. This includes both heterosexual premarital and extramarital activity and all homosexual activity.

Scripture also teaches that God “resists the proud” (James 4:6). Those who take pride in their sin incur the active opposition of God. On the other hand, God “gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). Coming to God while fully aware of our own sinfulness and inability to fulfill the demands of His law apart from Jesus Christ creates a humility in our souls that God rewards. Young people who struggle with homosexuality should not be encouraged to take pride in sin, but should be exhorted to humble themselves before God, who alone has the power to forgive their sin and heal their brokenness.

But, sadly, the Obama administration is leading young people down a path to destruction. By establishing children in a deadly and sinful lifestyle, the Obama administration will be sending many of our nation’s youth not only to a physical death but also to an eternal one.


James 4:6
But He gives more grace. Therefore He says:
“God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.” (NKJV)