Nancy Pelosi Vows to Fight for “Right” to Kill Unborn

New congressional minority leader Nancy Pelosi is vowing to fight every pro-life initiative the Republican-controlled Congress has proposed. Of course, Mrs. Pelosi uses tired, old fallacies to paint pro-lifers in a negative light.

Unsurprisingly, Pelosi deceitfully casts pro-lifers as unconcerned for women: She claims the new pro-life legislation “disrespects the judgment of American women.”

No, Mrs. Pelosi, millions of American women have the sound judgment to know that abortion is the taking of an innocent life. The only judgment being called into question is that of those women (and men) who are committed to the idea that women should be able to kill their unborn children. Efforts to defend abortion are no different than 19th century congressional efforts to defend slavery. Such efforts could have used Pelosi’s exact logic to characterize those who opposed the legality of slavery as disrespecting the judgment of American slave owners. Nowadays, we recognize such pro-slavery rhetoric as truly evil, but those who support abortion employ similar rhetoric.

Here’s the cold truth: Nancy Pelosi is part of a dying generation of radical feminists far less concerned with human rights than with their own selfish sexual liberation.

Pelosi knows that younger Americans are far more pro-life than her generation, and her attempts to squash efforts to protect the unborn are evident of a pro-abortion movement in its death throes.

They are losing and they know it.

Pelosi vows huge fight against GOP over abortion

The Washington Post