MD Pro-Family Legislators Vow to Introduce Marriage Amendment

The following are excerpts from an article appearing in the Baltimore Sun on September 19, 2007.

The Baltimore Sun

“Md. lawmakers begin preparing for 2008 battle”
By Stephanie Desmon, The Baltimore Sun – September 19, 2007

Conservative lawmakers [have] promised to reintroduce a constitutional amendment that would make clear that marriage is an institution limited to heterosexual couples, an amendment that has stalled in committee in years past.

Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr., an Anne Arundel County Republican, has been at the forefront of past efforts to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. While he called yesterday “a wonderful day” in the wake of the court ruling, he wasn’t dialing back the rhetoric. Even though the court agreed with his stance, he still thinks a constitutional amendment — which would have to be approved by voters — is a necessity.

“The amendment is simply an insurance policy,” he said.

Del. Anthony J. O’Donnell, the House Republican leader from Southern Maryland, said that the case even got to the Court of Appeals — a lower court found the state’s marriage law discriminatory — proves the need for the amendment.

“It highlights the vulnerability of our law, and so it may be important that in order to prevent an activist judge from taking a provision of our law to make a far-reaching decision that was never intended, we need to clarify the law,” he said.

To pass a constitutional amendment, opponents of same-sex marriage would need to win the votes of two-thirds of the legislators in each house. The measure would then be placed on the ballot in the next statewide elections — which are in even years in Maryland.

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It’s not hard to prove the statistical link between “gay marriage” and destruction of families. Click here to read FPN’s commentary on statistics proving why societies that adopt “gay marriage” simultaneously weaken the traditional family.

As of the date this article appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland does not have a marriage amendment that protects one-man, one-woman marriage. Pro-family Marylanders should work to pass a state marriage amendment before rogue judges force “gay marriage” on them. However, marriage amendments that merely define the term “marriage” without also banning counterfeits should be opposed. Click here to read why merely protecting the “m”-word is not enough.