TX Church Holds Firm to Biblical Principle, Cancels Funeral Celebrating Homosexual Lifestyle

Excerpts from “Texas church refuses to host memorial service that would have glorified homosexuality”
By Allie Martin, – August 15, 2007

The pastor of a Texas church that refused to host a memorial service for a homosexual says the entire story has not been reported in the national media.

Gary Simons is pastor of High Point Church in Arlington. [During the week of August 5th], Lee Sinclair — an employee and also a member of the church — called a church staff member to let them know his brother, Cecil, was in critical condition and in the hospital. Cecil Sinclair, who was not a member, died a short time later.

The church offered to host Mr. Sinclair’s memorial service for free. However, when the family submitted photos for a memorial service video [showing that Cecil Sinclair was involved in an openly homosexual lifestyle], Pastor Simons says church staff became concerned.

Consequently, the pastor says, the decision was made to retract the offer to host the memorial service because the event would have been a celebration not of the Navy veteran’s life, but instead of the homosexual lifestyle.

“We had to live by our principles,” says Simons of that decision. “We would hypocritical if we didn’t stand by what we believed concerning homosexuality. We believe the Word of God does not condone homosexuality.”

In a statement read to the High Point congregation on Sunday, Simons stated his belief that the church acted properly and according to God’s Word in holding firm to its convictions concerning homosexuality.

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