Copyrighted material listed on this page is for educational purposes only according to Title 17, U.S.C. WORLDNETDAILY: FPN Calls Kennedy’s ‘Hate Crime’ Plan “Shockingly Manipulative”

WorldNetDailyBy Bob Unruh,
July 17, 2007

Sen. Edward Kennedy’s “hate crimes” plan – – feared by Christian leaders as a way to censor biblical condemnations of homosexuality – – has been proposed as an amendment to a spending bill needed for the defense of the nation, a maneuver opponents are calling “shameless” and “manipulative.” …

Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network said the move is “shockingly manipulative.”

“It is a shameless attempt to push the homosexual agenda on the American people by exploiting American soldiers who are currently in harm’s way around the world,” he said.

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Family Policy Network (FPN) has uncovered data revealing homosexuals are more than TWICE AS LIKELY to be the perpetrators of violence against other homosexuals than are heterosexuals are to commit so-called “hate crimes.” You can view this evidence as well as other reasons to oppose adding “sexual orientation” to specially-protected “hate crimes” categories on FPN’s website at FPN Says Greatest Danger to Homosexuals is Other Homosexuals

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