PA Borough Seeks to Restrict Sexually-Oriented Businesses

Excerpts from “Council considers limiting adult entertainment businesses”
By Gema Maria Duarte, Bucks County Courier Times – 7/13/07

TULLYTOWN – The borough council may adopt an ordinance that would put adult businesses on a short leash if they want to operate in Tullytown.

The ordinance covers strip clubs and stores mainly selling sex toys and reading material and adult arcades.

The borough is taking steps toward strict zoning for adult entertainment businesses as a precaution because other communities are also taking similar measures, leaving the council concerned that the borough will be a haven for those types of businesses, the council said.

The ordinance requires adult businesses to be 1,500 feet away from residential properties, schools and churches. No materials sold can be visible from windows or doors. Businesses would have to be 1,000 feet from other similar stores and from massage parlors, pool halls and amusement centers.

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