New Boy Scout Policy Would Invite Scandal

BSA-logoReports are indicating the Boy Scouts of America will drop its ban on open homosexuality during its national executive board meetings February 4-6 in Irving, Texas. FPN President Joe Glover says the change would destroy the wholesome nature of scouting, causing scores of churches and Christian families to withdraw from participating altogether.

Glover warns, “Inviting people who reject Biblical morality into scouting opens the door for scandal and broken lives. Troop activities will become opportunities for exploitation, jeopardizing the emotional welfare and safety of millions of young boys.”

Glover adds, “It’s hard to believe the Boy Scouts would even consider this change in light of scandals like those at Penn State University and in Catholic parishes across the country.”

Convicted child molester Jerry SanduskyJust seven months ago, Deron Smith, a spokesman for the Boy Scouts, said that after a two-year review, a special committee had unanimously recommended keeping the ban. Smith said “The vast majority of parents value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family… at the appropriate time and right setting.”

According to a press release, the BSA would peel away the national prohibition on open homosexuality and pass the political hot potato of “sexual inclusion” to individual troops–most of whom won’t have the financial means or the will to beat back the coming onslaught. It is likely the local councils would be pressured to fall in line with BSA headquarters.

Glover says, “There is always a cost involved in rejecting Scripture. In this case, it’ll be young boys who’ll have to pay the price.”


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