GLSEN Survey Questioned

For years, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN, has been publishing a School Climate Survey claiming that young people are being bullied and harassed relentlessly over homosexuality. And many times, this research has been quoted to “prove” that young people involved in homosexuality need special protections.

But Linda Harvey of Mission America points out three problems with the survey:

  • It’s designed, conducted and evaluated by internal GLSEN staff, not an independent firm.
  • It’s mostly an online survey. Anyone can take it, even those pretending to be “gay youth.”
  • And, many of the survey’s participants were recruited from homosexual student groups and networks suggesting the results were manipulated.

In fact, Harvey calls the survey “phony as a three dollar bill.”

Harvey provides an objective view of student immorality by saying, “Teachers or youth identifying as [homosexuals] are not ‘different’ – – they are involved in sinful and deviant conduct, and these behaviors should not be ‘accepted for what they are.’ Far from nodding indulgently, we should warn those headed down these tragic roads that it’s all very unnecessary.”

She concludes, “This survey needs to be discredited. We don’t need pretend information from unreliable sources promoting a high-risk, unsafe, immoral lifestyle to kids, and sadly, using them as tools to smack-down traditional sexual morality. If you read any media article or government document that refers to the GLSEN School Climate Survey, notify the source that this survey is not reliable nor responsible, and its invalid conclusions are not in the best interests of our children.”