Pro-Family Decency Law Under Attack from Sex Industry

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“Ohio activist says sex industry’s legal challenges to new law far from over”
By Ed Thomas, – October 26, 2007

According to a prominent pro-family leader, there is more opposition to come following a failed attempt by the sex industry to temporarily restrain the Community Defense Act (CDA) in Ohio.

After local board of elections tallies from around the state arrived, Secretary of State Katherine Brunner declared recently that there were insufficient signatures from the “Vote No on Issue 1 Committee” referendum to make the November ballot. Attorneys for the plaintiffs then filed a motion for a restraining order, challenging the CDA’s constitutionality. However, that was denied by Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., which Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values says was expected.

“So we don’t see any way whatsoever that any federal judge could possibly rule differently than the way he ruled,” explains Burress.

The family advocate explains they are contesting 60,000 signatures that should be accepted even though they were filed three days late. They are also contesting more than 50,000 petitions that did not have correct addresses. Burress states that decency advocates are confident the CDA will be upheld, but they do expect sex business supporters to continue opposing the law.

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