CA Education Chief Praises Homosexual Perversion Festival

Excerpts from “State education chief pushes ‘gay’ pornfest”
By By Bob Unruh, – June 21, 2007

California Supt. of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell, under whose supervision hundreds of thousands of children are being educated, has used his state position and taxpayer-funded stationery to praise a “gay” pride event that has been used in the past to expose children to sexually explicit activities.

O’Connell’s letter to Mike Karim, of the San Diego LGBT Pride, notes that it is “with great pleasure that I offer my support for the 2007 celebration of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness Festival. I am truly honored to recognize an endeavor that promotes equality and respect in our communities.”

He added thanks for the group’s “efforts to celebrate diversity and a sense of humanity among individuals while encouraging them to value each other’s rights and privileges as members of society.”

[James Hartline, a pro-family activist in California,] said the “gay” pride event in question features sadomasochism, triple-X rated pornography and nearly nude men.

Hartline noted the San Diego “Gay” Pride event already has experienced a number of controversies. In 2005, it was learned the group had hired sex offenders to work with various events, including a registered pedophile who was working in the event’s “Children’s Garden.”

“O’Connor’s letter includes a shocking display of disrespect for families who are doing everything possible to protect their children from child molesters, the pornography industry, and sexually transmitted diseases,” Hartline said.

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