Here is a sampling of the issues Family Policy Network confronted in 2006:

AFA JOURNAL: FPN Finds Way to Combat “Gay-Straight Alliances” in Public Schools

(AFA Journal – 12/6/2006) The influence of homosexual activists within the nation’s educational system continues to grow, altering the attitudes of children and teens toward the acceptance of a destructive and depraved lifestyle. Often without parental knowledge, local schools are instituting policy changes that not only promote respect for homosexuality, but often even celebrate it.

In order to combat the influence homosexual activists can have on schoolkids, the Washington, D.C.-based pro-family group Family Policy Network is promoting an interesting approach to the problem of “Gay-Straight Alliances.” In August, FPN launched a multi-state campaign (North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia) to require schools to obtain parental permission before public school children can take part in non-academic clubs – including GSAs. Continue Reading →

What GOP Candidates Can Learn From George Allen’s ’06 Defeat

The leader of a Virginia-based pro-family organization says he is not surprised former U.S. Senator George Allen (R-VA) was narrowly defeated in his 2006 re-election bid. The Republican incumbent lost his race by only 9,300 votes, and Family Policy Network President Joe Glover thinks he knows why. He says Allen alienated too many people in his conservative base during his short tenure Washington, D.C.

Allen called himself a conservative, yet supported “hate crimes” designation for homosexuals and failed to support [a federal] marriage amendment until just days before it was considered by the Senate in 2004. According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, Allen garnered 1.42 million votes when he was elected in 2000, but only earned 1.17 million votes in 2006. Continue Reading →

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: ‘Quiet Issue’ of gay unions gets noisier in S.C.

(Charlotte Observer: 10/28/06) – In South Carolina, simply passing a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman is not enough: [supporters] want to win with 80 percent of the vote. .. “Personally, I don’t want to see a 55 percent or 60 percent vote,” said Mike Wallace, missions development director for the York Baptist Association. “I want to see an 80 percent vote. That would represent South Carolina values.” .. Nationally, supporters aren’t losing any sleep about the result. “South Carolina is one of those states where it’s guaranteed,” said Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network in Washington, D.C. The network is campaigning across the country to pass the amendments banning gay marriage. Continue Reading →

NYU LIVEWIRE: Policy Analyst Says Morning After Pill Will Increase Promiscuity

(NYU LIVEWIRE: 10/16/06) – With morning-after pill Plan B being sold without a prescription, a debate is raging over whether young single people will grow more careless about having unprotected sex – or whether they’ll just have lots more casual sex, period.

Some of the loudest objections have come from the Christian right.

“By offering a so-called ‘easy’ option to shirk consequences of non-marital sex, this do-it-yourself abortion only encourages people to become more sexually active with more partners,” wrote policy analyst Alex Mason in a study for the Washington-based Family Policy Network (www.familypolicynetwork.org), a Christian think tank that strongly opposes nonprescription availability of the pill. Continue Reading →

AGAPE PRESS: FPN Launches Campaign to Limit “Gay-Straight Alliances” in Schools

A Washington, DC-based pro-family group has launched a multi-state campaign to allow parents to give permission before public school children can take part in non-academic clubs which promote homosexual activity. For years, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs have been formed in public schools nationwide, often without parental notification or input. That has prompted the Family Policy Network (FPN) to start a campaign that would require parental permission before children can participate in non-academic clubs. Alex Mason, a policy analyst with FPN, says state lawmakers must be encouraged to adopt legislation that will protect children. Continue Reading →

ALERT: Carnegie Mellon Students Watch XXX Films in Campus Auditorium on Sundays

Sunday night at the movies has taken a curious twist on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. More than 1,000 students at a time are showing up at a campus auditorium to see movies with ratings as high as XXX and it’s all paid for with student money. Posters are hung all over campus, inviting students to see a XXX movie, funded with student activity money. Continue Reading →

TAKE ACTION: File E-Complaint with FCC for “F-Word” during NBC’s NHL Coverage

The nationally-televised broadcast of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey championship game (6/19/06) on NBC television included the live broadcast of an exuberant hockey player using profanity. The incident violated long-standing Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, and may trigger the largest penalty in the agency’s history because of recent legislation passed by Congress that President Bush signed into law just days before the infraction. Continue Reading →

WCBM: FPN Policy Analyst Promotes Marriage Defense on Baltimore Station

wcbmJust a few days after the U.S. Senate defeated a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason discussed efforts to protect the family in a live interview on Baltimore, Maryland radio station WCBM. Continue Reading →

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FPN Leader Puts Senate Marriage Defeat in Perspective on CNN

Glover debates pro-homosexual “Log Cabin Republican Club” leader Patrick Guerriero.

FPN President Joe Glover discussed the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment before a live national television audience on June 7, 2006 — just hours after the vote took place. In an interview hosted by CNN National Political Correspondent John Roberts, Glover dispelled the notion that Senate inaction proves support for a marriage amendment is slipping. Continue Reading →

FPN Leader Defends Need for Federal Marriage Amendment on CNN

FPN President Debates Late Marriage Amendment Endorsement in Live CNN Interview

Despite promising to fight to push for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would protect marriage as the exclusive union between one man and one woman during his 2004 re-election bid, President Bush failed to deliver in his second term. The day before the U.S. Senate failed to pass a federal Marriage Protection Amendment in June of 2006, FPN President Joe Glover appeared in a nationally-televised debate on CNN to discuss the amendment and to criticize Bush’s lackluster support for its passage.

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President Bush “hasn’t lifted a finger” for Marriage Amendment

While a sitting president has no formal role in the process of amending the U.S. Constitution, his opinion on the matter can carry great influence. In the case of the Marriage Protection Amendment, FPN President Joe Glover is bothered by President Bush’s apparent reluctance to use his bully pulpit to rally support. Continue Reading →

Va. Locality ‘Investigates’ Christian Who Refused to Reproduce Homosexual Propaganda

[FPN, 4/25/06] – The leader of a Virginia-based pro-family organization says his group may organize a lawsuit against Arlington County, Virginia for violating the religious liberties of Christian business owners there. Family Policy Network (FPN) President Joe Glover says the potential for litigation stems from recent actions by a so-called “human rights” committee that was established by the Arlington Board of Supervisors.

The Arlington County Human Rights Commission recently held a public hearing and subsequently investigated a Christian businessman on behalf of a lesbian activist who claimed he wrongly “discriminated” against her on the basis of her “sexual orientation.” In reality, Tim Bono of Bono Film and Video in Arlington County politely refused to duplicate two pro-homosexual films for long-time lesbian activist Lillian Vincenz. Bono cited his desire to honor Biblical prohibitions against the sin of homosexual behavior. Continue Reading →

AGAPEPRESS: Virginia County Harasses Christian Businessman

The leader of a pro-family group in Virginia says he considering legal action against Arlington County for its investigation into the business policies and practices of a local Christian businessman.

Upon being asked to duplicate two pro-homosexual films, Tim Bono of Bono Film & Video politely refused the business, citing his company policy — do not duplicate material it deems obscene, that may embarrass employees or tarnish the company’s reputation, or that is contrary to Christian and ethical values. But the customer making the request was long-time lesbian activist Lillian Vincenz, who took her complaint to Arlington County officials, asking them to force Bono to duplicate her materials. Continue Reading →

NASCAR.COM: FOX says Equipment Malfunction Caused Slip

According to a news article at NASCAR.COM, officials with the FOX network are defending their broadcast of profanity in the 3/26/06 “Food City 500″ race at Bristol Motor Speedway as the result of “an equipment malfunction.” FOX Sports issued the following statement: “As Mike Joy immediately told our audience on Sunday, we’re very sorry that comment escaped our screening process. We take audio very seriously and make painstaking efforts to offer only the best.” FPN President Joe Glover says that’s “no excuse.” Continue Reading →

WORLDNETDAILY.COM: Fox, NASCAR Blasted for S-Bomb During Race

(WORLDNETDAILY.COM) Family advocates are revving up against Fox Television and NASCAR after a driver’s crew chief uttered the S-word during a nationally broadcast race Sunday. The obscene word was aired during a car-to-crew conversation between driver Martin Truex, Jr. and his crew chief, Kevin Manion, at the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn. A frustrated Manion told his driver, “We missed the set-up today. It (the car) was a piece of s—.” Fox announcer Mike Joy offered an immediate on-air apology, stating, “We apologize for the language on the part of Martin Truex’s crew chief, but the frustration is evident this late in the race when things happen.”

A March 15 ruling by the FCC declared: “The ‘S-word’ is a vulgar excretory term so grossly offensive to members of the public that it amounts to a nuisance and is presumptively profane. Like the ‘F-word,’ it is one of the most offensive words in the English language, the broadcast of which is likely to shock the viewer and disturb the peace and quiet of the home.” Continue Reading →

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NEWS RELEASE: Arlington County Persecutes Christian Business Owner

Leaders of a Virginia-based pro-family organization are publicly criticizing Arlington County, Virginia for violating the religious liberties of business owners who live according to their faith there. Officials at Family Policy Network (FPN) are communicating with state and national media outlets about the Arlington Human Rights Comission’s “investigation” against the owner of Bono Film and Video. FPN’s intent is to stir interest in taking legal action against Arlington for what it calls a pro-homosexual “witch hunt.” Continue Reading →

Maryland House Speaker Urged to Resign Over Act of Tyranny

AgapePress reports that FPN President Joe Glover is calling for the resignation of the speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates. He accuses the lawmaker of subverting the will of the people. Many pro-family voters in Maryland were hoping to have a chance this fall to vote on an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman. But shortly before state lawmakers were to vote on a measure last month that would send a marriage protection amendment to voters, the speaker of Maryland’s House of Delegates abruptly recessed the day’s session so the bill could be killed in committee. Continue Reading →

ALERT: Virginia Senate Committee Defeats “Sexual Orientation” Proposal

NOTE: The bill described in this FPN Alert to Virginia list members was DEFEATED in a 8 to 6 committee vote on 2/8/06. On Wednesday afternoon, (2/8/06), Continue Reading →