Here is a sampling of the issues Family Policy Network confronted in 2003:

Jerry Kilgore, Homosexuality, and Muddy Waters

Kilgore’s “Non-Discrimination” Controversy by Joe Glover – October 20, 2003 It’s becoming more and more difficult for Christian conservatives to know who our friends are these days. Continue Reading →

UM Infects Young Minds With Half-Truths in Laramie Project

by Joe Glover – June 23, 2003 College campuses are often thought to be places where free inquiry and open discussion of ideas can run free so Continue Reading →

Pro-Family Groups Calls on A.G. to Correct Opinion

The leader of a Virginia pro-family organization today criticized the Attorney General’s office for a decision that gives a green light to state colleges to dispense the so-called “morning-after” pills to students to terminate pregnancies in the early hours of embryonic development. Joe Glover, President of the Forest-based Family Policy Network, says the Attorney General is “playing political games” with tiny human lives. Continue Reading →

“In God We Trust” Plates Authorized in Virginia

Christian group working to gather minimum number of 350 pre-orders

The Virginia General Assembly and Governor have approved legislation creating “In God We Trust” specialty license plates for motorists in the Old Dominion. The Division of Motor Vehicles is now authorized to begin printing the plates, but not before 350 pre-paid applications are received by the Forest, Virginia-based Family Policy Network (FPN), the plate’s sponsoring organization. Continue Reading →

Attorney General Lauds Homosexual Recruiting Efforts Toward GOP

(FPN – Forest, VA) – Despite tremendous success in courting pro-family voters over the years, the Virginia Republican Party continues to flirt with activist homosexuals in an attempt to expand its political base. The most recent event wherein an otherwise conservative Republican leader sought to appease homosexual activists involves state Attorney General Jerry Kilgore.

Six leaders of the so-called, “Log Cabin” homosexuals met with Kilgore recently in what they called their first “official” meeting with the state’s top Republican. The homosexual activists boast that Kilgore promised them “he does not believe in discrimination against anyone and said that his office does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of sexual orientation.” Continue Reading →

UNC Attempts to Violate Liberties Again

Group says Chancellor’s statements alone can’t be trusted

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has once again attempted to infringe upon the religious free exercise of its students. With a First Amendment lawsuit over the Islamic indoctrination for first year students still awaiting a final decision in Federal Court, UNC officials worked to deny Christian students their right to pick leaders who believe in the Bible. Continue Reading →