What is wrong with the LGBT community? I am gay, and I can tell you

Today, we will talk about a few different things about the LGBT community in general. Those are different because apparently, no one is talking about them, or at least not very much and not very loudly. And I think it would be better if somebody like me, a homosexual, start talking about this before others. We have lots of problems already, to begin with, and I don’t want people to start pointing their fingers to us for such things. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it then.

So, first of all, those who don’t know already, I’m homosexual and a proud to be a member of the global LGBT community. Now, let’s start with a little experience that happened with me just recently, and that experience literally opened my eyes. I was at a friend’s place, and we were just chilling and talking about our relationships and other stuff. My friend was logged into his Grindr account on his phone, and we were casually surfing around. I guess you already know what Grindr is, but in case you don’t, it’s a social networking app for LGBTQ people. It’s basically Tinder for LGBTQ community; however, it was started in 2009, much before than Tinder started. Now, I have a boyfriend, and I have done with Grindr already; hence, I was not paying too much attention to the profiles my friend was surfing through.

However, to my surprise, I saw a lot of hateful comments in there. Some of them not into Asians, some are not into black, some searching only for Nordic partners, etc. And I thought by myself, why are we such racist and disrespectful in the gay community? This actually inspired me to write this article about such issues in the gay community. I wanted to start with the first problem, and that’s about not being into a particular type. I do understand that we’re human and we have preferences. Those preferences – we learn them because those are the things that we are used to seeing or the things that we’re not used to seeing. A teacher of mine always said nobody has a taste, but you’ll develop taste throughout your life. I saw this profile, and somebody said I’m not into a specific ethnicity of people, and I thought by myself, how can you not be into those people? I can understand and relate if you would say I do not like him because his sense of humor or his character doesn’t match me. But if you say I don’t like him because of his hair color, his skin color or it’s this or that, then you’re just being so rude and disrespectful without even knowing that person. By saying such things, what you’re basically saying is I am such shallow, I do not have anything in me, and I’m just an empty box of nothing, and the only thing I care about is your race, color, and appearance! Don’t you think that you should get to know the person, see who he is as a person? I think that’s really important.

A lot of gay people struggle about their sexuality, they struggle about coming out of the closet and getting to know themselves. I don’t know when everyone comes out of the open, I mean, it’s different for everyone. For me, it was once I went to college. But at high school, the only thing that I was trying to do is like covering up myself so that people won’t think or suspect that I’m gay. And, when I get out of the closet, I was like oh my god I’m free, and there’s this whole world like it’s open and it’s new, and I have to discover this wonderful new world – hope you got the feeling! I wanted to settle and mingle and wanted to find out my soulmate. I believe in monogamy, and I want to stay in a monogamous relationship (and thank God for that). We have strict rules between us. There are certain things that we do not wish to do, and there are certain things that we can do and without minding whatever. We trust each other, and I think trust is really crucial here. He is in addition to me in the things that I’m not good at, the things that are less in me or not complete – he completes me in that. He adds something to me, and that’s why I’m in love with him. Of course, there is chemistry between us; definitely, there is, but there is nothing about him that I can say yes, this was exactly why I fell in love with him. Appearance wise, he has beautiful eyes, and his curly hairs are very cute, but is that all? It’s not, and it’s because who he is as a human being is most important for me than anything else.

I know I started writing this article to talk about the problems with the LGBT community, but I think we can take it from here and stretch it all out. Because it’s not only the issue that we have in our community, it goes maybe further. But, for now, I think we should start with ours, and I will start with myself, and this is what I experienced in the gay community. I hope we share the same beliefs or even if we don’t; hopefully, I might have changed just a tiny bit of your perspective on the world and I hope you’ll carry a little bit more love in you towards every human being regardless of their race, ethnicity or sexual preference. Peace and lots of love to you.

Depressed and suicidal LGBT: A short note based on the alarming survey data

The LGBT community has always been more vulnerable to serious mental issues like anxiety and depression, and also substance abuse historically, and the lack of social acceptance makes the condition even worse. Though the situation is gradually changing, it’s still a far cry from the ideal scenario. Today in this article, we will talk about this issue, which seems to be not talked about very much, until recently. A lot of doctors, health workers and volunteers who are working closely with the global LGBT community, expressing their worries and trying to spread awareness. We talked with some of them, and this article is based on their opinions on this matter and some hard facts and data collected from various government and private organizations.

People often feel like they’ll make others mad if they try to cry out for help, and people living with anxiety are commonly known as people pleasers. Because of these issues, people are being bullied for having this disability in their lives. It is found that anxiety disorders are the most common psychological illness in the United States, and it’s affecting over forty million adults over the age of 18, which is 18.1 percent of the population, every year. LGBT individuals are almost three times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition such as major depression or generalized anxiety disorder. The fear of coming out and being discriminated against for sexual orientation and gender identities can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, thoughts of suicide and substance abuse. The LGBT community is at a higher risk for suicide because they face substantially more peer pressure and mental harassment than the straight people, and due to substance abuse as well.

For LGBT people, who are aged 10 to 24, suicide is one of the leading causes of death. The youths from the LGBT community are four times at more risk to die caused by suicide, to have suicidal thoughts or engage in self-harm than straight people. As per data, between 35 and 65 percent of the transgender population, which is literally millions of people, experience suicidal idealization, every year. Someone who has faced with rejection once she came out to her friends and family by revealing her sexual preference, is more than eight times more likely to have thought of suicide or attempted suicide than someone who was accepted by their family after really revealing their sexual orientation. According to the data from the National Survey on drug use and health, the adults who are identified as a sexual minority used illicit drugs more than twice than heterosexual adults in the past year. Nearly a third of sexual minority adults or LGBT people have used non-prescription marijuana in the past year. The data is alarming when we consider the fact that at the same time only twelve point nine percent of heterosexual adults used any non-prescription marijuana. According to the same survey, every one in ten from LGBT community misused prescription pain relievers, while only four point five percent of heterosexual adults did the same.

We all, as a society, need to understand that there are people living with these issues. It’s not just the people you see as dramatic or too soft, it’s everyone. We want people to understand that everyone in life is going through something, and we all have a story to tell about our past. And because of these backstories, we all have our reasons for having anxiety. We want people to know that it’s okay to acknowledge the fact that you may be struggling, and it’s okay to accept your setbacks in life, and it’s also okay to seek out help if you need it. Psychological illnesses and substance abuse in the LGBT community is not something to hide or be ashamed of, it is something we need to be here to bring awareness to.

LGBT rights in Asia: A brief case study on the Philippines

When we talk about the LGBT community and their rights, we usually only talk about the first world nations. In the USA, for example, people on both sides (those who supports LGBT rights and those who don’t) are more vocal and expressive about their views and opinions. Also, it seems that the international media is focused on the USA and Europe only when it comes to the LGBT community. But what about Asia, do we know what’s going on there? Let’s turn our focus towards that part of the world for a while, and today, we will see what’s happening in the Philippines, an Asian country.

A dotted LGBT pride Asia Map for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Vector homosexual tolerance geographic map in LGBT flag color shades on a white background.

In the Philippines, as compared to other Asian countries, LGBTs are more accepted. In fact, a lot of members of the LGBT community in that country comes from the various upper-class part of the society, like celebrities, movies stars, media and television personalities, etc. A former reporter of ABS-CNN, who is a legislative member of Philippines right now, said that she had the opportunity to listen to their personal stories of abuse, harassment and she was able to see a lot of reports pertaining to hate crimes there in the Philippines previously. From 1996 to 2012, Philippine LGBT crime watch recorded that there were 164 cases of hate crimes and abuses. However, things are changing in the Philippines, and that legislator alone have filed three bills about the protection of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Her first bill is about penalizing discrimination and sexual orientation and gender identity. Second is to create an LGBT protection desk that will help the victims of hate crimes. And to ensure them that, there should be a place for them to go for assistance if ever they experience such discrimination.

The third bill is about hate crimes against LGBT members or the LGBT community, and offenders should be penalized with a higher penalty. Though all these three bills were considered, unfortunately, the legislator was unable to pass the bills at 16th Congress. However, she stated that she still believes that there’s always a second chance, and will re-submit this anti-discrimination bill on the next Congress again, because she feels that this bill is really worth fighting for. When questioned how long she thinks it would take to pass the bill in Congress, she said that she spoke with the secretariat of the women and gender equality of the Philippines already in this regard; they are handling this anti-discrimination bill. And based on her experience, it took them nine years before they finally were able to pass the human rights bill, so she thinks it will take time too. She expressed her hope that she is still hoping that this bill will not take too long because, in the Philippines, the private sectors and government organizations are working hand in hand to stop the discrimination for the LGBT community.

However, the situation in the Philippines seems to be somewhat mixed. On the one hand, there’s a lot of acceptance for the LGBT community by large, on the other hand, LGBT advocates are having difficulty in passing an LGBT discrimination bill or act.  Also, there’s a lot of hate crimes against gay and lesbians, as reported by the news channels. It seems a paradox which is hard to explain. It would also be interesting to mention a very prominent case of Manny Pacquiao (the world famous boxer from the Philippines) where he made remarks about gay marriage and Nike dropped him from their sponsorship. But as we said already, the situation is mixed and pretty complicated in the Philippines and overall Asia as well. Eighty percent of the Filipinos are Catholic by religion, and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines are willing to support the proposed anti-discrimination law as long as it rejects the second-class treatment for the LGBT community and only on the basis of their sexual preferences. So, of course, there are different views and opinions of the different organizations, but at the end of the day, in the Philippines, we can see that they are gearing towards a pro-LGBT direction. For example, in the Civil Service Commission in the Philippines, they issued a memorandum order to prohibit or forbid any discrimination in accepting employees. Hence, we are positive that everything will turn out good, maybe not very soon as we’d like to expect, but it’s definitely progressing in a positive direction.

What you don’t know about LGBT Pride

Today we will discuss LGBT Pride in this article. There are many interesting facts around LGBT Pride that people are not aware about. For those who don’t know, June is LGBT Pride Month, and this is the last day of June at the time of writing this article. So, we thought we should take this opportunity to bring you some facts that you may or may not know about LGBT Pride. Here you’ll find several such fun facts, keep on reading.

Annual Reminders: In the nineteen fifties and sixties, organizations such as the “Mattachine Society” and the “Daughters of Bilitis” organized protests that became almost a blueprint for the LGBT rights movement. Those two organizations organized pickets called “Annual Reminders” that tried to spread awareness among American people about the fact that LGBT individuals were not getting the same rights. “Annual Reminders” began in 1965 and was held every July 4 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. These occurred several years before the “Stonewall Riots.”

First Gay pride parade: The first Gay pride parade was held on Christopher Street Liberation Day on 28th June of 1970, marking the first anniversary of the “Stonewall Riots.” It started off on Christopher Street and stretched 51 blocks to Central Park, and according to The New York Times, the parade stretched fifteen blocks filling up the entire street.

The largest gay pride parade: The city that held the largest gay pride parade goes to, São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil’s annual LGBT Pride Parade has been held since 1997 on the Avenida Paulista or Paulista Avenue. It took the record as the largest gay pride parade in the world in the year of 2006 when the organizers declared that approximately three million people attended the event. And what’s a Pride Parade without Pride flags, right? For those don’t know, the current rainbow flag of six colors isn’t the original design for the LGBT Pride flag. And our next fact is about the flag.

Colors of LGBT Pride flag: The original flag actually contained eight colors. The original flag was designed on 25th June 1978 by an artist from San Francisco, named Gilbert Baker. He would originally have designed the pride flag to have eight colors with each color meaning a specific thing. But, after November 27, 1978 (the day of the assassination of Harvey Milk), demand for Pride flags increased. Due to the increase of demand for Pride flags, Mr. Baker decided to drop the pink color from the flag. The reason being was the lack of enough pink fabric available to him. In 1979, the flag was modified again to even out the colors, and he ended up dropping the turquoise color. The reason being when the Pride flags were being hung on Market Street, the center pole actually blocked one of the colors and was not be able to be seen. And that became the Pride flag that we know today. And of course, would be a Pride parade without the Dykes on Bikes?

Dykes on Bikes: The Dykes on Bikes have been a staple at the front of many Pride parades in the United States. In 1976, a group of 20 to 25 women motorcyclists decided to gather at the front of the San Francisco Pride Parade. One of those women in the group coined the term Dykes on Bikes, and the San Francisco Chronicle decided to go with it. For years after that, every Pride parade, the women would gather together without any type of organization. As the Pride parade decided to get more structured, that’s when they decided to form the Dykes on Bikes organization which later became the Women’s Motorcycle Contingent. The aim of the Women’s Motorcycle Contingent or Dykes on Bikes is to encompass all of those that are bike enthusiasts within the LGBT community.

Hope for Homosexuals

God’s love is not reserved for people who have always had everything “straight.” Instead, God desires to have a relationship with those who have gone astray. And while there is a great price to be paid for our sin; God has already paid it in full. Hope can be yours today if you will open your heart to Him. That’s not just a marketing trick enhanced with the help of corporate resources like the Niche One Commercial Review presentation. There’s much more to that Discover God’s plan of salvation through forgiveness and healing. Find the hope and fulfillment that only He can give. Consider how God changed a man who is “eternally grateful” for the change God made in his life after he was confronted by a friend with a Bible. Read a moving testimony from a former lesbian who found hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn about thousands of ex-gays who have now “come out” of homosexuality to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. There is HOPE for homosexuals who want to change… God’s love is not reserved for people who have always had “everything straight.” Instead, God desires to have a relationship with any of us who are willing to repent and trust in Him. And while there is a great consequence for our sin; God has already paid the price for our sins in full.

Hope can be yours today if you will open your heart to Him. Discover God’s plan of salvation through forgiveness and healing. Find the hope and fulfillment that only He can give. Read a moving testimony from a former lesbian who found hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn about thousands of ex-gays who have now “come out” of homosexuality to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Explore web sites of organizations and resources that exist to help people overcome same-sex attraction. Learn the truth about several myths often repeated in today’s politically-correct culture.

Is Bush advancing the homosexual agenda?

Despite repeated statements about his faith and the importance of defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, several moves by the President and his administration have advance the homosexual agenda.  

Despite the modern world we live in, there’s still controversy on this topic. Very few are the platforms that don’t engage in open negative propaganda and stay impartial, much like https://hopsreview.com/. But the controversy never seems to end.

When President Bush and Dick Cheney appeared in the Ronald Reagan building to deliver their re-election victory speeches on November 3rd, their families joined them on stage to celebrate. Seemingly in spite of the millions of Evangelical Christians who supported the Republican ticket because of its defense of traditional marriage, Dick Cheney included his lesbian daughter’s ‘partner’ on that stage, too. 

Homosexual newspaper in D.C. blasts FPN President (11/13/04)

Bush told ABC’s Charlie Gibson in an election-week interview broadcast of “Good Morning America” that “I don’t think we should deny people rights to a civil union…” 

President says the GOP platform is wrong (10/26/04)

President Bush has signed a bill allowing death benefits to be paid to the domestic partners of firefighters and police officers who die in the line of duty, permanently extending a federal death benefit to same-sex couples for the first time. 

Washington Post calls White House “neutral” on homosexuality (6/26/02)

In what appears to be a calculated political strategy to please both pro-family voters and practicing homosexuals alike, the Bush administration refuses to proclaim June as ‘gay pride’ month, but permits departmental celebrations of homosexual activism.

Bush Department of Transportation event promotes ‘gay marriage’ (6/11/03)

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual News Site
Multiple Bush administration departments celebrate ‘gay pride’ in ’02  

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual News Site
Bush Department of Agriculture celebrates ‘gay pride’ (6/4/02)

Bush Department of Justice celebrates ‘gay pride’ (5/3/02) 

Bush Office of Personnel Management celebrates ‘gay pride’ (5/3/02) 

For the first time in history, a Republican presidential administration held a pro-gay, political strategy session in the White House.

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual News Site
White House Hosts Homosexual Strategy Session (5/3/02)

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual Site
Bush Administration official “reviewed judicial nominees” with homosexuals (4/24/02)

The President is making good on campaign promises to homosexual activists within the Republican Party by appointing a number of radical “gay” activists to his administration.
Homosexual Appointed to Arts Post (8/31/01)
Bush Appoints a Homosexual Ambassador (9/28/01)

Bush Appoints 4 More Homosexuals (4/3/02)

When a self-proclaimed born-again Republican who occupies the White House puts homosexual activists at the table in his administration, promotes and signs pro-gay legislation, and refuses to even meet with ex-gays and other Christian organizations to discuss the issue, it sends a condemning message about organizations that promote the pro-family agenda.

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual News Site
Homosexuals in MI Castigate FPN, CWFA (10/12/01)

Homosexual activists in Washington and around the country are lining up to sing the praises of George W. Bush.

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual News Site
Homosexuals in DC Praise Bush (10/5/01)

Senior advisor Mary Matalin and other White House officials are using their clout in the Bush White House to push a gay-friendly agenda in the Republican Party.  Bush and other GOP leaders who want to make the GOP “gay-friendly” are obviously out of touch with grassroots conservatives within their ranks.

Groups Warn Bush on ‘Unity’ Project (2/2/01)

During his campaign for the GOP nomination in 1999 and the first few weeks of 2000, George Bush rejected attempts by homosexual activists to meet with him in public.  But he changed his tune after the primary battles in conservative states, like Iowa and South Carolina, were over.  While campaigning in California, Bush indicated the timing may be right to meet with homosexual activists after all.    

Bush  is making good on campaign promises to homosexual activists within the Republican Party.  Bush and other GOP leaders who want to make the GOP “gay-friendly” are obviously out of touch with grassroots conservatives.

Ashcroft Makes Promises to Homosexuals (2/2/01)

After becoming AG, Ashcroft permits ‘pride’ celebrations at DOJ (6/12/02) 

During his campaign for the GOP nomination in 1999 and the first few weeks of 2000, George Bush rejected attempts by homosexual activists to meet with him in public.  But he changed his tune after the primary battles in conservative states, like Iowa and South Carolina, were over.  While campaigning in California, Bush indicated the timing may be right to meet with homosexual activists after all.    

Bush  is making good on campaign promises to homosexual activists within the Republican Party.  Bush and other GOP leaders who want to make the GOP “gay-friendly” are obviously out of touch with grassroots conservatives.

WARNING: Pro-Homosexual News Site
Dick Cheney Advocates ‘Freedom’ for Gays to ‘Marry’ (10/19/00)
Focus on the Family Story (2/2/01)

Family News in Focus radio broadcast (Sound)

Myth vs. Fact regarding Homosexuality

MYTH #1: Some people are born homosexual.

FACT: There is no conclusive scientific evidence for any genetic trait causing homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgendered desires. Recent news reports have focused on this lack of research (Columbus Dispatch, Feb. 14, 1999; New York Times, April 23, 1999). Yet this is the underlying assumption of many recent laws about sexual orientation. Homosexuals are not a bona fide minority group.

MYTH #2: Homosexual activity is harmless, so no one should criticize it.

FACT: The consequences of homosexual behavior are devastating, and risky homosexual acts continue even when community acceptance increases. A study commissioned by Oxford University indicates young men engaging in same-sex sodomy by age 20 have just over a 50/50 chance of reaching age 65. [Click here for a summary of the Oxford University study.] In San Francisco, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among homosexuals remains very high, despite a tolerant climate. Substance abuse and suicide attempts are much higher among homosexuals. [For in-depth information citing numerous studies, read Straight or Narrow? Clarity and Compassion in the Homosexual Debate by Thomas Schmidt (1995) and Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. (1996).]

MYTH #3: No one chooses to be homosexual, so it must be inborn.

FACT: While homosexual desire may feel very natural to some people, this does not mean it is inborn, positive or unchangeable. There is overwhelming evidence that homosexual desire arises from traumatic childhood experiences, such as sexual abuse or a troubled family environment. These desires can be overcome through counseling. And people always choose sexual behavior, even if the feelings aren’t chosen, unhealthy desires don’t have to be acted upon.

MYTH #4: A homosexual can never change to become a heterosexual.

FACT: Thousands of people have overcome homosexual desire. A network of ex-homosexual organizations called Exodus (206-784-7799) has several hundred affiliates around the world. Exodus helps strugglers through Christian support groups, prayer, and biblical teaching. Some psychologists can help homosexuals overcome homosexual desire through individual counseling as well. Many ex-homosexuals go on to marry and have children.

MYTH #5: The Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality. Therefore, a person can be a proud homosexual and a Christian, too.

FACT: Scripture is very clear about homosexuality. There are dire warnings in the Bible about homosexual practices, both for individuals and for communities. Read Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:10, 2 Peter 2: 6-10, and Jude 6-7. Some say that because Jesus did not explicitly mention homosexuality, it must be permitted. But He never mentioned rape or incest either. Are we to believe these are acceptable? And Jesus was God, who had already made His will known in the Old Testament. Jesus affirmed in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 that marriage is ordained for one man and one woman. How can those who call themselves Christians deliberately twist the word of God?

CA Teachers Take Elementary Students to “Gay Pride” Parade

(AgapePress) – Teachers at an elementary charter school in San Diego, California, are being condemned for bringing young children to participate in the city’s “gay pride” parade last month.

James Hartline, a former homosexual turned Christian activist, reports that teachers with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School brought children to the July 29 San Diego Pride Parade. A picture in the school newsletter shows several teachers and other individuals affiliated with the school marching in the parade.

Hartline says the annual homosexual pride celebration in San Diego is “really just an advertisement for the triple-x gay pornography industry.” Seeing children only six to twelve years old, walking with adults from the charter school in that parade was “just so heartbreaking,” he says, because anyone who has never seen what these events are like “can just imagine the depravity that’s in this parade.”

The Christian pro-family advocate finds it shocking and demoralizing that teachers or any other adults would bring innocent children around the goings on at the San Diego Pride event. This venue is no place for kids, he insists, especially considering “the near nudity that goes on in the parade, the transvestites that dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church — these are men that do this.”

Hartline says last year the not-for-profit San Diego Pride organization was under investigation for employing numerous pedophiles as volunteers and staff during its yearly parade and festival. He believes these pro-homosexual events are generally pornographic and that they are frequented by militant sodomites.
This is evidenced, the Christian activist says, “by the numerous triple-X porn companies that have vendors [at the San Diego Pride events], the distribution of condoms and sexual lubricants, and also just the really perverted sex classes that go on to teach people about S&M sex.”

For example, Hartline recalls, the San Diego Pride organizers had a tent exhibit this year called ‘the Leather Room.’ In this tent, he says, “they actually were demonstrating piercings and other really grotesque types of sado-masochism.”
Hartline says he feels the teachers with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School exhibited “gross disregard for the safety of children” when they brought students to the city’s 2006 “gay pride” parade. The charter school is a K-8 institution in the San Diego Unified School District, and he believes the teachers had no business bringing young children into such a depraved and pornographic environment.

Ford Motor Company Criticized for Supporting Homosexual Rodeo

Christian Activist Outs Auto Manufacturer’s Connection with ‘Gay Rodeo’ Events

(AgapePress) – A Christian activist in California says despite what top officials with the Ford Motor Company may state about not giving money to support pro-homosexual social activities, a Ford dealership in Los Angeles is a major supporter of a homosexual rodeo organization in that city.

The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) claims member associations in 31 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. James Hartline, a Christian activist in Southern California, notes that Ford has sponsored many IGRA events around the United States — and that a prominent Ford dealership in L.A., Galpin Ford, is a corporate sponsor of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association (GSGRA), an IGRA member.

“It’s the number-one volume Ford dealership in the world,” Hartline says of Galpin Ford. “In other words, they sell more Fords out of this one dealership than any individual Ford dealership anywhere in the world — and they’re a corporate sponsor of this gay rodeo.” Other sponsors of the Los Angeles chapter of the GSGRA include the Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center, Bud Light, and the homosexual television network “Logo.”

According to Hartline, IGRA events do not typically let on in their advertising that they are homosexual events — meaning many uninformed families will attend and be subjected to open displays of sexuality.

“These gay rodeos are not necessarily marketed in a way where people will know because they don’t read the gay newspapers [or] the gay press,” the activist says. “So a lot of these families will think, ‘Oh, it’s a rodeo.’ So they bring their kids to this event, thinking they’re just going to another fun rodeo.”

So instead of just watching bucking broncos and barrel racing, families may encounter men dressed up as women as well as “mocking” of family values, says Hartline — and unknowing parents will be very shocked by other things they and their children will see, he adds. He calls that the “unthinking mindset” of the Ford Motor Company, that it would give corporate backing to such events in the name of diversity without even caring about the impact it will make on children and families.

The Christian activist claims the homosexual agenda is being forced into very family-friendly arenas — like rodeos — by corporations such as Ford through sponsorship. Hartline believes strongly that consumers need to let their dealerships know such anti-family sponsorship will not be tolerated.

Read What Californians Are Saying to Hallmark About Their “same-sex couple” Cards

Many citizens throughout California (see their comments below) have joined a nationwide boycott against Hallmark Incorporated, in response to that company’s introduction of so-called “same-sex couple” greeting cards. The boycott, which was announced in August by Family Policy Network, has begun to attract supporters in cities and towns throughout the nation.

The text of the Boycott Hallmark petition reads as follows:

To: Hallmark Cards CEO Donald J. Hall

In Isaiah 5:20, God warns against exchanging good for evil by saying, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (NKJV) In Mark 10:6-8, God’s design for marriage is expressed clearly by Jesus Christ, when He declares, “But from the beginning of the creation, God “˜made them male and female.’ For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh.” (NKJV)

I urge you to withdraw any and all products sold by your company that celebrate, condone or otherwise encourage homosexual conduct and/or relationships. Unless and until you do, you have my pledge that I will refrain from doing business with your company.

Many Californians who signed the petition to boycott Hallmark over its pro-homosexual cards added their own comments to the statement above. Here is a sampling of those comments:

  • Madonna in Shasta Lake, CA writes, “We’re supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin…loving them isn’t condoning their sinful choice.”
  • Lucretia in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA writes, “I will no longer, ever, buy another Hallmark product, under any name, unless you pull these cards.”
  • Brenda in Olivehurst, CA writes, “Not only I, but my entire family no longer buy cards and gift from your company, and we will not as long as you promote homosexuality.”
  • E. in Vista, CA writes, “I will not buy cards from your company anymore as long as you cater to this tragedy.”
  • Guy in Kelseyville, CA writes, “Please stop supporting this cause.”
  • Marshall in San Francisco, CA writes, “What you will do for a money!”
  • Linda in Ramona, CA writes, “I will cease using my hallmark card and from receiving any emails from your company as well.”
  • Pam in Lakeport, CA writes, “One Man – One Woman!”
  • Joey in Clovis, CA writes, “I promise you that myself or anyone in my family will shop at any Hallmark store unless you repeal this anti-family decision.”
  • Walterin Orange, CA writes, “I will stop making any purchases at any Hallmark store until these products are withdrawn.”
  • Kathy in Cobb, CA writes, “As a weekly gold crown customer in Montgomery Village Santa Rosa Ca I will no longer support you due to the current stand you have taken.”
  • Yanira in San Francisco, CA writes, “NO MORE HALLMARK CARDS…”
  • John in La Mesa, CA writes, “I will NOT buy from your store until this practice stops. 1% vs. 99%. Looks like a smart business move to me. I don’t think so!”
  • Dave in Roseville, CA writes, “My family and friends will no longer buy any Halllmark products unless and until you stop celebrating homosexual conduct.”
  • Dixie in Watsonville, CA writes, “God created Adam and Eve to marry not Joseph and Steve or Mary and Eve!”
  • Georgeanna in Trabuco Canyon, CA writes, “I send a lot of cards. Please reconsider your position.”
  • Kathy in Mission Viejo, CA writes, “You are putting the dollar over principle. How many cards will you sell to homosexuals vs. non homosexuals? Do the math!”
  • Sherrie in Carmichael, CA writes, “I have been collecting Precious Moments figurines for many years now. I won’t be buying them from your stores anymore.”
  • Elva in Van Nuys, CA writes, “It is a disgrace what this country is doing about its morality.”
  • Margy in San Diego, CA writes, “I encourage you to stand up for morality and not bow to the god of greed.”
  • Maricar in San Francisco, CA writes, “I am completely opposed to Hallmark’s Gay Wedding cards.”
  • James in Cobb Mountain, CA writes, “Please remove all cards & greetings that support the homosexual lifestye; as it is SIN; and against The Word Of God; Our Families; and Nation.”
  • Marina in La Mesa, CA writes, “I am a member of the Hallmark stores and have been a loyal shopper, but this goes against my values, and I cannot support it.”
  • Brent in San Diego, CA writes, “Please disregard your stance to pursue encouraging homosexual behavior.”
  • Matilda in Brawley, CA writes, “The same goes for my parents & siblings.”
  • Kathy in Escalon, CA writes, “I have always been a Hallmark buyer, would really hate to find another brand after all these years.”
  • Cathleen in Costa Mesa, CA writes, “I will not scandalize family members with cards mocking tradtional marriage . [It] is unnatural and not healthy for those individuals. That is not love.”
  • Elaine in Riverside, CA writes, “You have offended me and lots of others who used to respect the Hallmark name.”
  • Victoria in Pasadena, CA writes, “By producing such cards, the company is alienating families and those who uphold traditional marriage. Please take this into consideration.”
  • Nancy in Mission Viejo, CA writes, “In the past, I have been a consumer of many Hallmark products, but unless this new policy is revoked, I will not give my business to Hallmark.”
  • Deborah in San Jose, CA writes, “It is not right and I will never accept it. I will spend my hard earned money on greeting cards produced by anyone other than Hallmark. Big mistake.”
  • Ronald in Chino, CA writes, “I am offended by your Gay Cards and will not be buying anymore from your company. I will print my own rather than to support [this] perversion.”
  • Dave in El Sobrante, CA writes, “Although an atheist, even I believe the Bible is right about both these passages.”
  • Elly in Fallbrook, CA writes, “We thought highly of Hallmark until now. What a let down! We will encourage others in this boycott.”
  • Richard in Sacramento, CA writes, “Some men will choose to maintain the peace at any price, even make a truce with the enemy. Peace is not the absence of war, peace is victory over the enemy.”
  • Gary in San Diego, CA writes, “Marriage is a sacred union instituted by God, and re-defining it to include homosexuals makes it profane! Cloaking it in “love” does not make it legitimate!”
  • Jeanette in San Diego, CA writes, “Traditional marriage is a God given gift. It saddens me to see the abnormal celebrated just to make a buck.”
  • Joan in N Hollwood, CA writes, “I think this is one of the worst types of pandering.”
  • Glen in Torrance, CA writes, “God designed sex between a husband and wife. “¦Sex outside of marriage is wrong. Stop edorsing sexual immorality by recognizing homosexual immorality.”
  • Jerry in EL SEGUNDO, CA writes, “I am sending this out to all business, citizens and churches. The Boycott is beginning.”
  • Paul in Elk Grove, CA writes, “My family and I will not by Hallmark cards until they reverse their decision.”
  • Louise in Thousand Oaks, CA writes, “I have a Hallmark card and shop there frequently, but maybe I’ll take my business elsewhere.”
  • Sven in Herald, CA writes, “I’ll be sure to take my business elsewhere… I doubt you’ll be able to withstand the boycott of millions of Christians. Ask Ford how it’s doing.”
  • JR in Los Angeles, CA writes, “I will not patronize Hallmark under any circumstance.”
  • John in Sacramento, CA writes, “Why can’t you merely remain neutral in the culture wars. This is not the way to increase your profits. You are poorly serving your shareholders.”
  • M.E. in LOS ANGELES, CA writes, “We have been purchasing Hallmark cards for over 60 years. We are outraged that you would sell cards that celebrate such immoral & unnatural activity.”