What is wrong with the LGBT community? I am gay, and I can tell you

Today, we will talk about a few different things about the LGBT community in general. Those are different because apparently, no one is talking about them, or at least not very much and not very loudly. And I think it would be better if somebody like me, a homosexual, start talking about this before others. We have lots of problems already, to begin with, and I don’t want people to start pointing their fingers to us for such things. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it then.

So, first of all, those who don’t know already, I’m homosexual and a proud to be a member of the global LGBT community. Now, let’s start with a little experience that happened with me just recently, and that experience literally opened my eyes. I was at a friend’s place, and we were just chilling and talking about our relationships and other stuff. My friend was logged into his Grindr account on his phone, and we were casually surfing around. I guess you already know what Grindr is, but in case you don’t, it’s a social networking app for LGBTQ people. It’s basically Tinder for LGBTQ community; however, it was started in 2009, much before than Tinder started. Now, I have a boyfriend, and I have done with Grindr already; hence, I was not paying too much attention to the profiles my friend was surfing through.

However, to my surprise, I saw a lot of hateful comments in there. Some of them not into Asians, some are not into black, some searching only for Nordic partners, etc. And I thought by myself, why are we such racist and disrespectful in the gay community? This actually inspired me to write this article about such issues in the gay community. I wanted to start with the first problem, and that’s about not being into a particular type. I do understand that we’re human and we have preferences. Those preferences – we learn them because those are the things that we are used to seeing or the things that we’re not used to seeing. A teacher of mine always said nobody has a taste, but you’ll develop taste throughout your life. I saw this profile, and somebody said I’m not into a specific ethnicity of people, and I thought by myself, how can you not be into those people? I can understand and relate if you would say I do not like him because his sense of humor or his character doesn’t match me. But if you say I don’t like him because of his hair color, his skin color or it’s this or that, then you’re just being so rude and disrespectful without even knowing that person. By saying such things, what you’re basically saying is I am such shallow, I do not have anything in me, and I’m just an empty box of nothing, and the only thing I care about is your race, color, and appearance! Don’t you think that you should get to know the person, see who he is as a person? I think that’s really important.

A lot of gay people struggle about their sexuality, they struggle about coming out of the closet and getting to know themselves. I don’t know when everyone comes out of the open, I mean, it’s different for everyone. For me, it was once I went to college. But at high school, the only thing that I was trying to do is like covering up myself so that people won’t think or suspect that I’m gay. And, when I get out of the closet, I was like oh my god I’m free, and there’s this whole world like it’s open and it’s new, and I have to discover this wonderful new world – hope you got the feeling! I wanted to settle and mingle and wanted to find out my soulmate. I believe in monogamy, and I want to stay in a monogamous relationship (and thank God for that). We have strict rules between us. There are certain things that we do not wish to do, and there are certain things that we can do and without minding whatever. We trust each other, and I think trust is really crucial here. He is in addition to me in the things that I’m not good at, the things that are less in me or not complete – he completes me in that. He adds something to me, and that’s why I’m in love with him. Of course, there is chemistry between us; definitely, there is, but there is nothing about him that I can say yes, this was exactly why I fell in love with him. Appearance wise, he has beautiful eyes, and his curly hairs are very cute, but is that all? It’s not, and it’s because who he is as a human being is most important for me than anything else.

I know I started writing this article to talk about the problems with the LGBT community, but I think we can take it from here and stretch it all out. Because it’s not only the issue that we have in our community, it goes maybe further. But, for now, I think we should start with ours, and I will start with myself, and this is what I experienced in the gay community. I hope we share the same beliefs or even if we don’t; hopefully, I might have changed just a tiny bit of your perspective on the world and I hope you’ll carry a little bit more love in you towards every human being regardless of their race, ethnicity or sexual preference. Peace and lots of love to you.