Jerry Kilgore, Homosexuality, and Muddy Waters

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Kilgore’s “Non-Discrimination” Controversy
by Joe Glover – October 20, 2003

It’s becoming more and more difficult for Christian conservatives to know who our friends are these days. That’s because our friends don’t always act like our friends. Sometimes, it’s as clear as mud.

The latest example of a friend muddying the conservative waters in Virginia involves the state’s Republican Attorney General. Jerry Kilgore, who attends a conservative Southern Baptist church in Richmond’s west end and often identifies with pro-family and pro-life causes, is muddying the waters on the issue of homosexuality.

Last week, Family Policy Network (FPN) policy analyst Bill Wheaton and The Family Foundation’s government relations director Victoria Cobb agreed that Jerry Kilgore was wrong to essentially pledge to three pro-gay organizations that he will not “discriminate” against a person’s so-called “sexual orientation.” The Virginian-Pilot subsequently printed a story about FPN’s criticism of Kilgore’s pledge in its 10/17/03 newspaper. AgapePress newswire posted a similar story throughout Virginia and the nation on websites like, and the American Family Radio network aired a news broadcast about the controversy over its 200+ radio stations, including three stations right here in the Commonwealth. (See

Almost immediately, the Attorney General’s office began trying to repair the damage. Their response was priceless. It dealt with every question social conservatives wanted to have answered, except the issue for which Wheaton and Cobb had expressed their concern. It only mentioned that Kilgore did not sign the pledge. Rather, it states, he sent them an agreeable statement. Of course, there’s not much difference between a pledge and a letter that perfectly resembles the pledge, is there? (See

The purpose behind the letter of response from Kilgore’s office was obviously to prove that he is still a conservative politician. Some of the evidence given in the letter included defending meal-time prayers at VMI, litigating on behalf of posting the National Motto in public schools and supporting legislation to double homicide charges against killers who murder pregnant mothers.

What’s interesting about the response is not what it says; but rather what it does not say. You see, most conservatives are already aware of Kilgore’s conservative credentials. They’re happy to see that the Attorney General is doing his job. However, what the response does NOT say is why he has cooperated with homosexual activists in a public relations scheme aimed at making society more tolerant of anal/oral sexual activities between same-sex “partners.”

Too disgusting, you say? Is the mention of the sexual habits of the activists involved in this controversy inappropriate? Perhaps it would be much easier to agree with those who say it should be a “non-issue” the way Jerry Kilgore has said by essentially making this ill-advised pledge.

As a Christian, Jerry Kilgore (whether he is an Attorney General or not) should never join the so-called “gay” lobby in any schemes that are so obviously designed to soften public opinion about homosexuality. His complicit statement to homosexual activists is already being used as a tacit endorsement of efforts to sway opinions on this issue.

If you don’t believe that Kilgore’s wink and nod helps to make vile perversions a “non-issue” in society just take a look at the way he was defended in a Virginian-Pilot editorial on 10/18/03:

“A brouhaha arose recently when Equality Virginia,
the Log Cabin Republican Club of Virginia and the
Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club
asked elected officials to sign pledges promising
that they would not discriminate against gays when
hiring staff. .. Mr. Kilgore didn’t sign the
pledge. .. Instead, he had a deputy respond with
a short letter — just three sentences — declaring
that in the office of the Attorney General, there
is no employment discrimination. ‘All employees are
hired and evaluated on their ability to perform the
job for which they are hired,’ the letter states. ..
Taxpayers should be grateful. .. Let’s face it,
the state’s in somewhat of a mess. We need the
sharpest — NOT STRAIGHTEST — people working for
us at all levels.” (emphasis added)

(You can read the rest of that “tolerance-packed” diatribe from the 10/18/03 Virginian-Pilot by clicking here:

One has to wonder, if Kilgore’s promise to “not discriminate” on the basis of “sexual orientation” is so harmless, then why would homosexual activists publicize the fact that he provided it? If nothing else, why are they so happy to have it?

The Washington Blade (a pro-homosexual newspaper in DC) quotes one “gay” activist who said “he was VERY PLEASED that Attorney General Kilgore’s office issued a statement saying that his office does not discriminate.” (emphasis added – See the entire story at

It should be obvious to everyone involved that despite a number of significantly conservative contributions along the way, Jerry Kilgore simultaneously wants to wink at homosexual activism just enough to gain the approval of some who engage in vile sex acts.

One of the problems that arises by otherwise conservative politicians aligning with pro-gay stunts like this is it adds momentum to efforts Kilgore’s supporters elected him to oppose. For example, it damages the long-term efforts of conservatives to oppose legislation that would require moral men and women to hire sexual deviants in their own private businesses. Legislation that failed in this year’s session (which promises to return in January) would have begun that process by adding “sexual orientation” to state’s employment anti-discrimination language. (See

Another problem created by conservative leaders assenting to this latest pro-gay propaganda is that it becomes tougher to stem the tide of homosexual activism within public school systems like Fairfax and Richmond, intended to make “sexual orientation” a “non-issue” in the minds of the Commonwealth’s most impressionable citizens. After all, if the conservative Christian Attorney General thinks “sexual orientation” is a “non-issue,” then why shouldn’t our children? No doubt, the so-called “Gay-Lesbian-Straight-Education-Network” a.k.a. “GLSEN” will use Kilgore’s statement in their efforts to teach “tolerance” of immorality to Virginia school students. (See a list of GLSEN’s chapters in Virginia schools at

As Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore is under no obligation to cater to activists (conservative or liberal) wanting him to pledge to say or not say anything. As a Christian, however, he is obligated to avoid even the appearance of evil. In this case, the homosexual lifestyle is clearly condemned in the Bible. (See Romans 1:26-27, 1Corinthians 6:9-11, 1Timothy 1:10, 2Peter 2: 6-10, and Jude 6-7.)

Beyond Biblical references to the evil nature of same-sex behavior, empirical data clearly indicts the so-called “gay” lifestyle. Even liberal researchers at Oxford University and the International Journal of Epidemiology reluctantly concur that same-sex behavior cuts those “gay” lives nearly in half. (See

If Jerry Kilgore wants to be a good Attorney General, he can do his job without pledging his allegiance to anything beyond the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions. As a Christian, however, he should stop pandering to groups who wish to make society more accepting of immorality. Instead, he should freely make public statements regarding the right of lawmakers to refrain from hiring perverted sexual deviants because of their immoral lifestyles. He should defend the need for school principals and daycare operators to not hire perverts that could otherwise influence young and impressionable children. He should say that pro-family legislators would be best served by refusing to hire aides that embrace Biblical immorality.

One has to wonder whether Mr. Kilgore would expect homosexual Congressman Barney Frank to pledge to not discriminate against born-again Christians? Does he think liberal Senator Ted Kennedy would pledge to not discriminate against virgins when hiring summer interns? Likewise, would he expect the leaders of the Log Cabin homosexual Club to sign a pledge to not discriminate against graduates of Christian schools when hiring their staff? Certainly not!

Perhaps most important, Mr. Kilgore should ponder this question: Will the Supreme Lawgiver be understanding of the “political necessities” requiring him to cater to groups that have been established purely for the purpose of breaking His commands?

If Mr. Kilgore were to ponder these questions, it might stimulate his thinking to see this issue more clearly. If he does, maybe he can clear the mud from the water so conservatives in this state can see he’s still the friend they worked so hard to support this far.

I’m praying that he will.


Joe Glover is the president of Family Policy Network (FPN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Forest, Virginia.

(c)FPN, 2003. All rights reserved.

The commentary above is copyrighted material. However, it may be reposted or republished without charge provided it is given in its entirety along with proper attribution, copyright notice and FPN’s web address. Publications that charge for subscriptions and/or advertising should request permission from FPN prior to use.


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