Speaker Pelosi Says Her Agenda “in keeping with the values” of Jesus Christ

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told a group on Capitol Hill that she is pursuing policies “in keeping with the values” of “the Word made flesh,” which is a Biblical reference to Jesus Christ (John 1:1).


Jesus affirmed God’s plan for marriage and sexuality when He promoted the idea of marriage between a man and a woman (Matt. 19). Yet Mrs. Pelosi supports special rights for homosexuals, including “employment non-discrimination” and homosexual adoption.

Jesus also warned that mistreating the “least of these” was tantamount to mistreating Him (Matt. 25). Yet Mrs. Pelosi is known for disregarding the rights of unborn children, who certainly qualify as the “least of these” in America.

Even a cursory reading of Scripture shows Speaker Pelosi’s radical support for the homosexual agenda and so-called “abortion rights” are not “in keeping with the values” of Jesus Christ.




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