VA GOP Loss Due to Compromises on Abortion, Homosexuality, Taxes…

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MEDIA ADVISORY: FPN Election Analysis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2005

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Virginia GOP Candidate Learns the High Cost of Compromise


(FPN – 11/10/05) While the pundits are spinning the failure of the Virginia GOP to retake the Governor’s mansion as a defeat for conservatism and a victory for “centrist” Democrats, one pro-family leader is calling it the result of the Republican candidate’s compromise on conservative values.

Joe Glover, President of the Virginia-based Family Policy Network, cites conflicts GOP candidate Jerry Kilgore had with conservatives over abortion, homosexuality and taxes since his election to the state’s Attorney General’s office in 2001. Glover believes those battles may have caused a significant minority of Republicans to defect or simply refuse to support Kilgore’s race for Governor.

Glover acknowledges most Virginians were unaware of the skirmishes that ultimately derailed Kilgore’s campaign, saying “Voters generally had the impression that Kilgore was in lock step with the conservatives. However, a significant minority knew better because they had battled him for the last four years.” He continued, “The fights were so bad at times, that a defection in the base was inevitable.”

Glover says the rise and fall of Jerry Kilgore “should serve as a model of compromise that conservative politicians should seek to avoid.” He warns conservatives thinking of running for statewide office in the future to take heed, “so they don’t have to learn it the hard way themselves.”


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