Obama Administration To Fund Murderous Research

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The Obama administration seems bent on destroying the unborn in the name of “science.”

President Obama’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) director has just approved four more human embryonic stem cell lines as eligible for federal research funding. Not only is research on embryonic stem cells (i.e., their destruction) morally wrong, but it is LESS effective than using other types of stem cells.

No one would contest that reproductive science has advanced dramatically in recent years. Researchers are now aware that adult stem cells provide more scientific promise than embryonic stem cells.

Indeed, the only thing scientific about embryonic stem cell destruction is the fact that proponents call it “science.” In reality, such research is a speculative and morally repugnant endeavor that can hardly be referred to as a legitimate advancement of human knowledge.

The technology used to freeze embryos has been used on more than 400,000 embryos since the 1970s. Only a depressingly tiny fraction of that number have been implanted in the wombs of women in order to develop and be born. That means hundreds of thousands of tiny humans exist in storage at fertility clinics.

There, they will either languish indefinitely or be destroyed in the pursuit of “research,” which is now funded with even more of your tax dollars.

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Life News: Obama Makes Taxpayers Fund More Embryonic Stem Cell Research

NIH Director Francis Collins has approved four more human embryonic stem cell lines as eligible for federal taxpayer funding. The latest approval brings the total to 146.

The four new lines are all from UCLA. The new lines, designated by the deriving lab as “UCLA 7″, “UCLA 8″, “UCLA 9″, and “UCLA 10″, join six previous UCLA lines approved by NIH for taxpayer funding–UCLA 1-3 approved April 27, 2010 and UCLA 4-6 approved February 3, 2011. All of the lines were apparently derived from human embryos after the new NIH guidelines went into effect in July 2009. NIH doesn’t provide details on the cells themselves or their derivation.

Exodus 20:13
“You shall not murder.(NKJV)



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