Misinformation Campaign Contributed to MS Personhood Defeat

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A new poll commissioned by a Mississippi pro-life group reveals that the misinformation campaign waged by pro-abortion forces contributed to the eventual defeat of Personhood Amendment 26.

Personhood Mississippi, the organization that sponsored the failed amendment, recently distributed the poll’s findings. Not surprisingly, the poll shows that many of the “No” votes came from those voters who were heavily influenced by the group Mississippians for Health Families (MHF), a front group for abortion giant Planned Parenthood. What was surprising was the small number of voters (only 8%) who opposed the amendment because they see themselves as “pro-choice.” The rest of those who voted against the amendment were voters influenced by MHF’s lies about the amendment’s eventual effects.

For instance, among those voters surveyed who voted against the amendment:

  • 31% voted against the amendment because they thought it would ban in vitro fertilization (IVF). (See FPN’s position on IVF here and here.)
  • 28% voted against the amendment because they thought it would disallow any life-saving treatment for women with ectopic pregnancies.
  • 12% voted against the amendment because they were influenced by MHF’s deceptive campaign to imply that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour had voted against the amendment.

These findings are not intended to excuse the Mississippians who voted against the amendment. Those voters who were deceived by MHF and similar smear campaigns should have researched the dishonest claims — human lives are at stake. But the fact that such a large number of voters fell for those lies goes to show that Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations will stop at nothing to smear and discredit the pro-life cause. Their dishonest claims are a poor cover-up for their insecurity about their own pro-abortion position. They know this is a battle they will one day lose, but they are desperate to postpone the inevitable.



 Graphic courtesy of Personhood USA. For more information, visit them here.

Exodus 20:16

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.



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