Senator Reverses Stance on Hate Crimes Legislation

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Forest, VA — U.S. Senator George Allen (R-VA) is saying he has reversed his position, and will now OPPOSE legislation that would add “sexual orientation” to the list of federally recognized “hate crimes.” The change in policy is being welcomed by the leader of the Virginia-based Family Policy Network – the group that has been hounding Allen for breaking a written promise NOT to support such legislation in 2004. [(See earlier news item.)

FPN President Joe Glover said, “It’s hard to believe that a Republican Senator like George Allen ever supported hate crimes designation for homosexuals to start with. I’m sure that many, many conservatives will be glad to hear he has seen the light on this important issue.” He added, “Criminals should be punished severly for violent crimes, regardless of whether their victims engage in vile sexual behavior or not. The Equal Protection clause of the Constitution guarantees it.”

FPN has been working to educate social conservatives throughout the nation about Allen’s pervious support for adding “sexual orientation” to hate crimes language ever since the Senator voted for it in 2004. Besides educating 35,000 of its own supporters, FPN also targeted Christian radio stations and Republican media outlets, successfully reaching listners on thousands of Christian radio stations and readers of numerous conservative publications.

According to Glover, Allen’s shift to the right on hate crimes legislation doesn’t complete his conservative resume’. “This may be an important first step for Mr. Allen, but we still need to convince him that life begins at conception.”

“That,” says Glover, “may take a while longer.”


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