Read What Pennsylvanians Are Saying About Universal, Tax-Payer Funded Abortion in Health Care “Reform”

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[FPN] – Residents across the state of Pennsylvania are voicing their opposition to a congressional proposal that would use taxpayer money to pay for abortions under the guise of so-called health care “reform”. Pro-family Pennsylvanians are signing Family Policy Network’s petition urging both houses of Congress and President Obama to reject health care “reform” that provides universal abortion funding on the backs of American taxpayers.

The text of the petition reads as follows:

Please OPPOSE any and all attempts to include funding and/or mandates for abortions in health care “reform” legislation.

Destroying innocent human life is not “reform” by any means. The Bible clearly states “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” Our nation should not engage in the slaughter of its citizens and I should not be forced to fund it.

Many Pennsylvanians who signed the petition opposing taxpayer-funded abortion added their own comments to the statement above. Here is a sampling of those comments:

  • Patricia S. in Murrysville, PA writes, “We have animal rights laws that are stricter than our abortion laws! No taxpayer money for abortions. It is an outrage for anyone to be forced to pay for women to kill their preborn babies.”

  • Suzi C. in Reading, PA writes, “I am against any funding of abortions by tax dollars or government subsidy. I believe abortion is murder and would appreciate my government not getting involved in helping people to feel good about such action against their unborn children.”

  • Patricia G. in Coudersport, PA writes, “No child torture! No child killing!”

  • Mark G. in Hopewell Twp, PA writes, “No child torture and death!”

  • Robert C. | Levittown, PA writes, “How in heavens name could the federal government allow this to happen. It’s time for the people of this country to wake up and kick out these congressmen who vote to pass this monstrousity called social healthcare.”

  • Sandra W. in Telford, PA writes, “The entire “healthcare” reform bill needs to be opposed! Not only does it include abortion coverage, but buried in its pages is a mandate for “older” people to be educated on and given “options” for end-of-life decisions.”

  • Joan R. in Harrisburg, PA writes, “I do not want UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE PERIOD!”

  • Janine S. in Monongahela, PA writes, “Abortion in any form is murder, but it is especially evil when our taxes go to help pay for it! Blood will be on the hands of all lawmakers, senators and especially on our President for making and putting these bills into law!”

  • Sarah W. in Wrightsville, PA writes, “Governments should never mandate what a doctor should or should not be able to do when he’s trying to save a life. What about the Hippocratic oath?”

  • John A. in Oaks, PA writes, “Our whole family is passionately against abortion coverage in Healthcare Reform. I will for the first time in my life campaign against my Senators, and Representative who votes for such a bill.”

  • Joanna H. in York, PA writes, “”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” As we are all created equal, how is it that some can choose to keep these rights for themselves and take them away from others?”

  • Richard W. in Pottstown, PA writes, “How can this country offer more legal protection to the unborn bald eagle than a unborn human?”

  • Patricia S. in Murrysville, PA writes, “No taxpayer should be required to pay for abortions. No Catholic hospital will perform them. What will happen when 30% of our hospitals close? Most urban and community hospitals are Catholic. That will really help provide universal access to health care. Beware the unintended consequences of rushing this bill though.”


By signing Family Policy Network’s SECURE petition, your name and contact data will be compiled with many others from all over the United States who are opposed to seeing their tax dollars fund abortion. Your petition will be automatically forwarded to your congressman, two senators and President Obama with an admonition to reject health care “reform” that includes universal, taxpayer-funded abortion.

To sign this petition now, click here: 
OPPOSE Abortion Coverage in Healthcare Reform

Thank you for your support. Let’s pray together that any proposals to include taxpayer-funded abortion in the health care bill will fail.


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