FPN Says Greatest Danger to Homosexuals is Other Homosexuals

Print Friendly is reporting on FPN’s opposition to Senator Ted Kennedy’s underhanded plan to promote the homosexual agenda by inserting “hate crimes for homosexuals” language into a crucial defense spending bill. In the interview for this story, FPN President Joe Glover said the real goal of adding “sexual orientation” to “hate crimes” categories is to silence Biblical opposition to homosexuality. Glover asserts that homosexual activists making this effort to silence Christians are “ignoring the true threat to a homosexual’s safety.”

Glover pointed to statistics which indicate the harm posed to homosexuals is most often inflicted by other homosexuals, not heterosexuals. FPN’s research on the issue yielded data indicating that homosexuals are 244 percent more likely to be the perpetrators of violence against other homosexuals than are heterosexuals.

Excerpt from “Family activist: Proponents of hate crimes legislation ignoring ‘true threat'”
By Allie Martin and Jody Brown,
July 17, 2007

“If homosexual activists were really concerned about what’s driving so many [practicing homosexuals] to an early grave, they would either address the deadly health consequences associated with their lifestyle,” says [FPN President Joe Glover]; “or number two, they would address the fact that you’re 244 percent more likely to be hurt [...] by another homosexual than you are by someone who is straight.”

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Family Policy Network (FPN) has uncovered data revealing homosexuals are more than TWICE AS LIKELY to be the perpetrators of violence against other homosexuals than are heterosexuals are to commit so-called “hate crimes.” You can view this evidence as well as other reasons to oppose adding “sexual orientation” to specially-protected “hate crimes” categories on FPN’s website at

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CLICK HERE to tell your Senators and the President to OPPOSE
“Hate Crimes” protection on the basis of “sexual orientation.”



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