MD Homosexual Activists Prepare to Assault Biblical Marriage

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The following are excerpts from an October 26, 2007 article appearing in the Baptist Press.

“Debate over ‘gay marriage,’ civil unions just beginning in Md.”
By Michael Foust, Baptist Press – October 19, 2007

Despite a favorable court ruling for conservatives, the debate over “gay marriage” in Maryland apparently is far from over.

Several Democrats, including state Sen. Gwendolyn Britt and Del. Victor Ramirez, say they will sponsor bills that would legalize “gay marriage” when the General Assembly meets against next year, the Montgomery County Sentinel reported. Their action comes after the Maryland Court of Appeals — the highest court in the state — refused in a September 4-3 decision to legalize “gay marriage.”

The good news for Christian conservatives is that Senate President Mike Miller, a Democrat, opposes both “gay marriage” and Vermont-style civil unions, which grant homosexual couples the legal benefits of marriage, minus the name.

The bad news, though, is that Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley and Democratic House Speaker Michael E. Busch support civil unions. O’Malley is planning to meet in the coming weeks with Equality Maryland, a homosexual activist organization.

Meanwhile, Republican Del. Don Dwyer says he will file a constitutional amendment protecting the natural definition of marriage. The amendment — which would go to voters if passed by legislators — would prohibit both “gay marriage” and civil unions.

“This issue is so important, the people of the state have to be able to vote on it,” Dwyer was quoted as saying in The Capital.

Legalized same-sex unions in any form would impact what children are taught about families in schools, he said.

“It shouldn’t be taught to the children of my constituents in a public setting,” he said.

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It’s not hard to prove the statistical link between “gay marriage” and destruction of families. Click here to read FPN’s commentary on statistics proving why societies that adopt “gay marriage” simultaneously weaken the traditional family.

As of the date this article appeared in the Baptist Press, Maryland does not have a marriage amendment that protects one-man, one-woman marriage. Pro-family Marylanders should work to pass a state marriage amendment before rogue judges force “gay marriage” on them. However, marriage amendments that merely define the term “marriage” without also banning counterfeits should be opposed. Click here to read why merely protecting the “m”-word is not enough.

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