Painting Homosexuals as “Victims” Is a Ploy to Silence Christians

The “hate crimes” protections for immoral “sexual orientation” and so-called “gender identities” that were signed into law by President Obama in 2009 are part of a 20 year-old plan designed to normalize all kinds of sexual immorality. A book written by homosexual activists in 1989 called After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s is considered by many to be the “gay manifesto” for normalizing same-sex perversion in America. Authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen set forth this 383-page plan to legitimize homosexuality by portraying “gays as victims” and “gay victimizers as bad.” Continue Reading →

FPN Flies Hope Over “Gay Pride” Events from California to Florida in 2007

Family Policy Network (FPN) spearheaded a campaign called “Project Hope Days,” wherein it flew airplane banners over pro-homosexual events throughout the nation that read, “JESUS CHRIST: WWW. HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS .COM.” The banners were flown over so-called “gay pride” parades and other events that were designed to celebrate sexual sin in several major cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Orlando, Sandusky (OH) and San Francisco. Continue Reading →

SAN FRANCISCO ‘GAY’ WEEKLY: FPN Hope Banner Flies Over Sinful Celebration

The Bay Area Reporter OnlineFamily Policy Network was behind an airplane that circled [the September 30, 2007 Folsom Street Fair] leather festival towing an anti-gay banner. Some fairgoers saw an airplane circling above the South of Market event with a banner “Jesus Christ:” The banner, supported by an anti-gay organization devoted to encouraging gay and lesbian individuals to become “ex-gays,” is linked to the Virginia-based Family Policy Network.

“Homosexuality is nothing to celebrate,” said Joe Glover, president of Family Policy Network. “It has grave consequences, both physical and spiritual … the hope of all who sin, including homosexuals, is the chance to turn from sin and embrace the redemption God makes available through His Son, Jesus Christ.” Continue Reading →

MD Pro-Family Legislators Vow to Introduce Marriage Amendment

Conservative Maryland lawmakers [have] promised to reintroduce a constitutional amendment that would make clear that marriage is an institution limited to heterosexual couples, an amendment that has stalled in committee in years past. Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr., an Anne Arundel County Republican, has been at the forefront of past efforts to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. While he called yesterday “a wonderful day” in the wake of the court ruling, he wasn’t dialing back the rhetoric. Even though the court agreed with his stance, he still thinks a constitutional amendment — which would have to be approved by voters — is a necessity. Continue Reading →

MD Court Upholds Marriage as Union Between One Man, One Woman

Maryland’s highest court has upheld a state statute that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. On September 18th, 2007, the Maryland Court of Appeals reaffirmed the state’s long-standing marriage statute by overturning a lower circuit court’s January 2006 decision that would have allowed homosexuals to “marry”.

In the 4-3 decision, the Court of Appeals cited the government’s interest in “safeguarding an environment most conducive to the stable propagation and continuance of the human race” as a reason for the decision. The court further concluded that since homosexual practices do not qualify as “immutable characteristics”, there is no “fundamental right to marry” afforded to homosexuals. Continue Reading →

Court Declares Homosexual “Marriages” Performed in Canada as Valid in New York

Just how long will it take for rogue judges to force homosexual “marriage” onto the Empire State? It may come quicker than you think, thanks to an ruling from the New York Supreme Court. During the week of August 6, 2007, the court ruled that any homosexual “marriages” performed in Canada will be recognized as legal in the state of New York. Homosexual “couples” are now able to travel across the Canadian border to get “married”, and then come back to New York with all the legal rights and benefits intended for one-man, one-woman married couples. Continue Reading →

President Bush Vows to Veto “Hate Crimes” Bill – – Or Does He?

The White House released a statement of opposition to the “hate crimes” bill known as H.R. 1592 on the same day the proposal was approved by the House of Representatives (May 3rd). Some have interpreted the statement as a promise to veto the bill coming from the President himself. However, that assessment may be premature, since neither the President nor any of his spokesmen have said what he will do if the “hate crimes” bill reaches his desk. Continue Reading →

Senator’s Use of Defense Funding Bill to Pass “Hate Crimes” Proposal Called “Reckless”

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)The president of Family Policy Network (FPN) is accusing a U.S. Senator of jeopardizing the welfare of American soldiers in an underhanded attempt to have “sexual orientation” added to the list of federally-protected hate crimes categories.

FPN President Joe Glover described Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy’s decision to add a controversial “hate crimes proposal to a military spending bill as “reckless” and “possibly treasonous” in an email to FPN supporters in all 50 states.

CLICK HERE to tell your Senators and the President to OPPOSE
“Hate Crimes” protection on the basis of “sexual orientation.”

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