“Tolerant and Diverse” Homosexuals Attack Grandmother, Stomp Cross

Shocking video reveals hatred and rage from homosexuals protesting the voters’ decision to make California the 30th state in the nation to enshrine traditional marriage into their state constitution. In the video, homosexual activists surround an older lady who wants to defend the Biblical definition of marriage. They then strip a cross out of her hands and stomp it on the ground and chant “go home” and “shame on you.”

A television news crew captured the footage. Subsequently, homosexuals shouted down an attempt by the crew to interview the woman. Continue Reading →

California Bill Would Disincentivize Marriage

A bill ensuring that unwed parents remain unmarried is receiving strong opposition from a leading California-based pro-family organization. Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) President Randy Thomasson criticized the proposal by saying, “SB 1066 rewards unwed parents for not getting married.” He added, “This foolish bill promotes cohabitation just as government welfare programs subsidized illegitimacy. SB 1066 ensures that unwed parents remain uncommitted. Why get married if you can get the legal rights and benefits of marriage without saying ‘I do?’ And what about the kids, who research shows do much worse in unmarried environments? SB 1066 is bad public policy. It’s blind to the evidence that marriage is 1000 percent more stable than shacking up.” Continue Reading →

MD Homosexual Activists Prepare to Assault Biblical Marriage

Despite a favorable court ruling for conservatives, the debate over “gay marriage” in Maryland apparently is far from over.

Several Democrats, including state Sen. Gwendolyn Britt and Del. Victor Ramirez, say they will sponsor bills that would legalize “gay marriage” when the General Assembly meets against next year, the Montgomery County Sentinel reported. Their action comes after the Maryland Court of Appeals — the highest court in the state — refused in a September 4-3 decision to legalize “gay marriage.” Continue Reading →

MD Pro-Family Legislators Vow to Introduce Marriage Amendment

Conservative Maryland lawmakers [have] promised to reintroduce a constitutional amendment that would make clear that marriage is an institution limited to heterosexual couples, an amendment that has stalled in committee in years past. Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr., an Anne Arundel County Republican, has been at the forefront of past efforts to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. While he called yesterday “a wonderful day” in the wake of the court ruling, he wasn’t dialing back the rhetoric. Even though the court agreed with his stance, he still thinks a constitutional amendment — which would have to be approved by voters — is a necessity. Continue Reading →

MD Court Upholds Marriage as Union Between One Man, One Woman

Maryland’s highest court has upheld a state statute that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. On September 18th, 2007, the Maryland Court of Appeals reaffirmed the state’s long-standing marriage statute by overturning a lower circuit court’s January 2006 decision that would have allowed homosexuals to “marry”.

In the 4-3 decision, the Court of Appeals cited the government’s interest in “safeguarding an environment most conducive to the stable propagation and continuance of the human race” as a reason for the decision. The court further concluded that since homosexual practices do not qualify as “immutable characteristics”, there is no “fundamental right to marry” afforded to homosexuals. Continue Reading →

ACTION ALERT: Urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to Veto Pro-Homosexual Calif. School Bill

A new plan approved by the California Legislature could be used to ban the words “dad” or “mom” in all public schools as being discriminatory against “partner 1″‘ and “partner 2″ in same-sex relationships, according to critics. The plan, SB777, has passed the state Assembly on a 43-23 vote and it now moves forward to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. CALL AND EMAIL THE GOVERNOR NOW TO URGE HIM TO VETO SB777! Continue Reading →

ACTION ALERT: Urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to Veto Homosexual “Marriage” Bill

Pro-family groups are denouncing a new California bill passed by the state senate Friday that grants marriage licenses to homosexual couples. The bill, AB43, was passed by a vote 22-15 and seeks to replace the words “a man and a woman” with any “two persons” in California’s marriage laws. The bill now heads to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk for approval. CALL AND EMAIL THE GOVERNOR NOW TO URGE HIM TO VETO AB43! Continue Reading →

Court Declares Homosexual “Marriages” Performed in Canada as Valid in New York

Just how long will it take for rogue judges to force homosexual “marriage” onto the Empire State? It may come quicker than you think, thanks to an ruling from the New York Supreme Court. During the week of August 6, 2007, the court ruled that any homosexual “marriages” performed in Canada will be recognized as legal in the state of New York. Homosexual “couples” are now able to travel across the Canadian border to get “married”, and then come back to New York with all the legal rights and benefits intended for one-man, one-woman married couples. Continue Reading →

New York Liberal Links “Gay Marriage,” Destruction of Family Unit

A recent column in a conservative publication shows just how broad the political support base is for protecting one-man, one-woman marriage. Readers may not be surprised to learn the head of an organization promoting “American values” penned a commentary in The Weekly Standard — making a strong case for the relationship between the adoption of “gay marriage” and the erosion of traditional values (i.e., higher rates of divorce, unwed childbearing, nonmarital cohabitation, etc.). The surprise comes when readers learn the author is a self-described liberal Democrat from New York who does NOT otherwise oppose homosexual behavior. Continue Reading →