CA Teachers Take Elementary Students to “Gay Pride” Parade

San Diego Teachers Blasted for Bringing Kids to ‘Gay Pride’ Event By Jim Brown – August 22, 2006 (AgapePress) – Teachers at an elementary charter school in San Diego, California, are being condemned for bringing young children to participate in the city’s “gay pride” parade last month. James Hartline, a former homosexual turned Christian activist, reports that teachers with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School brought children to the July 29 San Diego Pride Parade. A picture in the school newsletter shows several teachers and other individuals affiliated with the school marching in the parade. Hartline says the annual homosexual pride celebration in San Diego is “really just an advertisement for the triple-x gay pornography industry.” Seeing children only six to twelve years old, walking with adults from the charter school in that parade was “just so heartbreaking,” he says, because anyone who has never seen what these events are like “can just imagine the depravity that’s in this parade.” The Christian pro-family advocate finds it shocking and demoralizing that teachers or any other adults would bring innocent children around the goings on at the San Diego Pride event. This venue is no place for kids, he insists, especially considering “the near nudity that goes on in the parade, the transvestites that dress up as nuns to mock the Catholic Church — these are men that do this.” Hartline says last year the not-for-profit San Diego Pride organization was under investigation for employing numerous pedophiles as volunteers and staff during its yearly parade and festival. He believes these pro-homosexual events are generally pornographic and that they are frequented by militant sodomites. This is evidenced, the Christian activist says, “by the numerous triple-X porn companies that have vendors [at the San Diego Pride events], the distribution of condoms and sexual lubricants, and also just the really perverted sex classes that go on to teach people about S&M sex.” For example, Hartline recalls, the San Diego Pride organizers had a tent exhibit this year called ‘the Leather Room.’ In this tent, he says, “they actually were demonstrating piercings and other really grotesque types of sado-masochism.” Hartline says he feels the teachers with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School exhibited “gross disregard for the safety of children” when they brought students to the city’s 2006 “gay pride” parade. The charter school is a K-8 institution in the San Diego Unified School District, and he believes the teachers had no business bringing young children into such a depraved and pornographic environment. By Jim Brown, AgapePress – Copyright, 2006. All Rights Reserved. TAKE ACTION: Express your opinion about young children being taken to a so-called ‘gay pride’ parade on a school field trip: Principal: Dr. Wendy-Ranck-Buhr email: [email protected] tele: 619-574-0694 – fax no. 619-0861 office email: [email protected] San Diego Board of Education Members: Attention: Luis Acle Mitz Lee John de Beck Sheila Jackson Katherine Nakamura email: [email protected] Parents Support & Board Services [email protected] Telephone: 619-725-5634 Superintendent, Dr. Carl Cohn – Telephone: 619-725-5525 RELATED INFORMATION: San Diego Cooperative Charter School newsletter w/parade group picture (page 2): School kids appear in homosexual parade: